About my own Personal Development Plan at Work

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Updated: Aug 20, 2022
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Within my work role, I have a duty to ensure I wear my PPE, ensure safety within our cliental and work within the well documented care plan. Responsibilities, we are often responsible for helping our clients achieve the best possible outcomes. This is not always possible but clients must be encouraged as much as possible. I also have a responsibility to respect people’s beliefs, attitudes and the views of individuals we support. All employees are responsible for the welfare of their colleagues, site visitors and general public and must work in a way that does not put anyone at risk. I also all have a duty of care to safeguard others, whether we work with them or not, and a responsibility to report any suspicions of abuse to the relevant authorities. I work as a person centred values approach, which means I treat every individual and to their personalised care plan. 

At my work, all of our policies and procedures are on the ECCHO website, which we can access at all times on our laptops. It is important that I am familiar with these and follow at all times. If I believe an individual is a safeguarding risk, I can contact our safeguarding team to gather advice and onward support. I must follow the confidentiality policy and not discuss any information about individuals. I will only disclose information if there is an appropriate reason. For following health & safety, I must record any accidents on out local DATIX, which will then inform senior members of the team. Working effectively with others means being able to work well with individuals you support, your manager, your co-workers and other health and social care professionals. The people, who I work with, will have different backgrounds, experiences, skills and ideas so it is important to respect the diversity and the contributions that others make. 

Reflect practice can be uncomfortable as it challenges your own assumptions but we can learn from them and adapt our behaviour accordingly. This is turn will then improve the quality of the service that is provided.–Differing own values, beliefs and experiences can affect the way people feel around each other and could lead to conflict. However it is important to respect others views and not let it interfere within the workplace. I have worked with service users, who have done despicable things in the past. I put that aside and will give them the care and compassion I do as every other service user.Upon finishing my shift, I would ask myself these following questions;

* How do I think I’ve done today?

* Was I positive?

* Did I give it my all?

* How did the way I work, affect the individuals I’ve worked with

* How did the way I work, affect my colleagues

* What areas could I improve on?

This will help me improve on for my personal and professional development.Getting feedback is very important to review your own performance. When having a PDP, I ask to see if the seniors have any feedback on me. Also I will ask my line manager when we have a catch up. It is important to ask colleagues for feedback and to see where I could improve on my personal development. – The main sources of support are:

* Informal and formal conversations with the manager

* Supervisions

* Appraisals

* Observations

* Professional discussions

* Regular training

* Own research

* Talking with colleagues Every 3 months, I have a personal development plan (PDP) review with my line manager. Once a year, I have an appraisal. Within these PDP, I sit down with my line manager and set out a plan to agree my own personal development plan. This could to do extra training, go out with different staff. Enrolling in various courses and supervisions has enabled me to gain knowledge and skills to develop to a desired level and take on greater responsibility within the team. – I have completed reflective practices, to reflect and review my ways of working.

When writing and reviewing these, I can look back on the way I have dealt with different situations. I can then think about how I could have done things differently and dealt with the situation better. It makes you think and improve for next time. Continuing professional development is important to ensure that I progress in my career. I need to have objectives to aim for and to have different training to attend to. Reviewing professional development regularly to ensure these are being met and appropriate time is being given to let me achieve these.

Record progress in relation to personal development – Since starting with East Coast, I have gained more training than my previous job. I now do observations, BMs and basic wound care. I have also started my NVQ Level 3 clinical support worker, having only come to the company with a level 2. I hope I can progress in other training, once I have finished my Level 3.

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