Personal Development Plan is very Important

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Updated: Aug 20, 2022
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Identify sources of support for their own learning and development.

Sources of support for my learning and development are attending all my study days and get help to finish in time my apprenticeship program. Also, attending all my trainings to keep up to date accordingly with my role is very important. I can also get support from my mentor, team meetings, talking with my colleagues, researching, appraisals, supervisions and observations with my mentor or manager.

Describe the process for agreeing a personal development plan and who should be involved.

Personal development plan is very important in a healthcare role because is necessary learning new skills, updating my skills, communication, efficiency and understanding.

Personal development plan is a way to understand my learning needs and to improve my skills in my role. Writing down the personal development plan should start with my strengths and weaknesses and must involve my manager and myself to decide my learning needs. Then I must set up smart targets about my development and look forward at my short, medium and long time goals and my career pathway.

Explain why feedback from others is important in helping to develop and improve the way they work.

Feedback can improve the way I work, clarify things I don’t know and help me building my confidence, communication and understanding. I can get feedback from my colleagues, patients and managers. A bad feedback is good for me to learn from my mistakes and understand where I went wrong, so next time not to repeat same mistake. Also, with the appretinceship programme I had a 12 weeks review with Steadfast Training to see where I am at and if I need extra support. I had with my mentor reviews at 1 month, 3 months and 6 months and set up smart targets for next review.

Explain how to check their current level of literacy, numeracy and communication skills.

I can check my communication skills by how I am speaking with my colleagues, patients and visitors. Literacy skills can be seen when I am reading and writing notes in a care plan, writing risk assessments, reading and writing emails and make me understood by others. Numeracy can be seen by filling out some forms, i.e. fluid balance chart and observations, making Actichlor solution in the morning or been able to calculate how much milk needs a baby for a feed.

Also, I can check my functional skills online.

How do you respond to comments and complaints

Having a comments and complaints procedure is essential in a healthcare setting to be aware of our duties. I must treat all comments and complaints seriously and remain positive and with a happy face about feedback given to me even if it is a bad one. If someone makes a comment or complaint face to face is better to be in a private room, I must pay attention to body language, tone of voice, remaining polite, professional and using the right words. I must offer support and if it is necessary to reassure them that they will be taken seriously, that will be an investigation first. Also, I need to inform my manager and to complete a form. If I am not sure, I can always ask for help from a senior sister or colleagues.

Comments and complaints will help to improve ways of working and make things better.

Describe how a learning activity has improved their own knowledge, skills and understanding.

Learning activities are important for a healthcare worker because skills and knowledge can be improved by some important actions as formal training, meetings with my colleagues and my manager, research and practice.

When a new admission is coming on neonatal ward it gives more knowledge and understanting on what the nurses do and how I can assist in a rushed and busy situation. I am assisting the nurse with everything she needs for the baby, by getting stock, equipment and writing the notes with the time, date and place of birth, gestation and reason of admission. Doing this gives me more knowledge and understanding on communicating well with my colleagues and documenting notes accurate.

Describe how reflecting on a situation has improved their own knowledge, skills and understanding.

Reflecting on a situation is a good way to improve my skills and practice. Reflecting on a situation where I have made mistakes has helped me to do my job correctly. I have been told by my colleagues if I have done something wrong, by forgetting to stocking up the IV trolleys with all the stock they need, which could cause a mistake or a delay in care for a nurse because wasn’t able to find what they need quickly. Telling me what I have done wrong helped me to understand the importance of correct stock they need and where can be found.

Describe how feedback from others has developed their own knowledge, skills and understanding.

When an admission comes on the neonatal ward it gives me more knowledge and understanding of what the nurses do and how I can assist them in this situation. I will assist the nurse on whatever she needs for the baby, which can be by getting stock, equipment and writing the notes, with the time, date and place of birth, gestation, weight and reason for admission. Constructive feedback will improve my practice, so it is important for me to listen what my colleagues says about my work, to reflect on it and improve.

List the learning opportunities available to them and how they can use them to improve the way they work.

· Supervision and appraisals with mentor

· Apprenticeship workshops

· Functional skills

· Trainings

· Working with nurses and asked them questions

· Knowledge centre

· Reviews

Explain why continuing professional development is important.

Professional development is important as legislation does get changed over time. Development will help me in my work, because always will be something to improve or that there are things I could do better. Attending the trainings and apprenticeship workshops will help in my career pathway and provide the best care without mistakes being made.

Personal Development Plan is very Important essay

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