A Wonderful Place Ancient Egypt

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Ancient Egypt goes back for thousands and thousands of years, more than 5000 years ago. There were three different periods of time, the old kingdom, the middle kingdom, and the new kingdom. The old kingdom was started by king Menes who brought the lower kingdom and the upper kingdom together. He became the first pharaoh, The pharaoh was the most important person and he owned everyone and everything in egypt. Slaves and Servants were the least important people. Ancient egypt is surrounded by the mediterranean sea, the river Nile, and the Red Sea.

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All in all, there is a prodigious amount to learn about Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt has an amazing Geography. They had a lot of water surrounding them and with them. They had the river Nile, the mediterranean sea, and the red sea. Every year the banks of the Nile overflow causing Fertile soil where the egyptians settled. They called this the black land. To the sides of egypt they called the red land because it was not so fertile. The red land separated egypt from other countries and protected them from invaders. It provided them precious metals and semi precious stones. There were pyramids that each held a different pharaoh inside. Guarding the great pyramid of Giza is the great spinx. The Spinx is a prodigous statue with the body of a lion and the head of a human. There once was a story inscripted on it. However, more than half has been destroyed. As you can tell, egypt has a equisite and helpful geography.

The Egyptians are polytheistic, which means they believe in many different gods. They believed in over 700 gods. They always wanted the gods in their favor. If a god did not respond to a prayer then the people would give that gods statue a whack with a reed. These people were not afraid of their gods. They thought that the gods would pay more attention to their people if they were given a reminder. The ancient egyptians believed in life after death, and thought that were you were buried was were you would spend your eternity. So, they would build beautiful buildings for the pharaohs to spend their after life. These were called Pyramids. They were full of riches and many rooms for the pharaoh to roam in and enjoy. After many years they couldn’t keep building these pyramids for all their pharaohs. They decided to start building burial tombs. To sum up, the Ancient Egyptians were a very religious people.

The egyptians have achieved many great and wonderful accomplishments. One of their most famous achievments is the great Sphinx. The phinx has the body of a lion and the head of a man. Many people believe that the sphinx is guarding the pyramid of giza. Another great acomplishment of the egyptians was their pyramids. These pyramids had many rooms and riches hidden in them, as well as the body of the pharaoh. These pyramids had boobytraps to keep tomb robbers out,

Makeup was one of the achievments of the ancient egyptians, unlike today some of the men would even were makeup. Women would tint their nails and rogue their cheeks, sometimes the men would also do this. They also wore eyemakeup, men, women, and children wore it. It was called khol, they wore this because they thought it looked nice and they believed it kept the suns glare out of their eyes. Another great achievment was the many things that they made out of papyrus reed. They made perfume to smell nice, they made some of the first paper by laying strips and strips of papyrus together and weaving them so tight that it made paper. They also made other helpful things out of the papyrus for example baskets and sandals. Last but not least, the mufficicaton process. The mufficicationi process helped keep peoples bodies from decaying. Many times the only people who would be mummified were the super rich people. As you can see, there is a lot of amazing achievments that the egyptians made.

No matter who you were in Ancient Egypt you would always extol the pharaoh. You did what they told you to do and no one questioned him. He was always the exemplary model and was even considered a god. All of the plaudits he got in a day are most likely more than anyone recieves in a lifeitme. The pharaoh was a vital part of Ancient egypts history. Another very important factor was their agriculture. Agricuture is the foundation and base of Egypt’s government and econemny. Before the old kingdom there was two kingdoms. King Menes brought the to together

The people of ancient egypt were sorted into a social pyramid. The pharaoh was at the very top since he was the most important person in all of Ancient Egypt. The next people who were listed on the pyramid were the government officials, the nobles, and the priests. They were listed second from the top on the social pyramid because they were the second most important. The third most imporant on the list were the soldiers and after that was the scribes. The scribes were the fourth people on the list out of the eight social groups. After the scribes were the merchants of ancient egypt and after the merchants was the artisans. In seven out of eight is the farmers. The least important people in all of Ancient Egypt were the slaves and the servants. Often times, people would marry others that were in the same class as them. A lot of the men in Ancient Egypt would continue the same profession as their parents and took care of the wellbeing of the family. To conclude, there were many different ranking on the social pyramid and no matter who the pharaoh was he was always at the top.

All in all, Ancient Egypt is a wonderful place and has many enthralling things about it. The geography was magnificent in so many ways.

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