A Story of Tsunami

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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At the beginning of time, people and all the fish in the ocean lived in harmony and respect in the land of Ka Maluhia. The ocean was a sparkling clear blue color that turned a vibrant orange as the sun slowly set every day. Humans would never dare disrespect the ocean by polluting and no fish would intentionally harm anyone. Not a single piece of trash was ever found in this sacred sea. Humans would swim and play with the fish every day and all was well.

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In the beautiful land of Ka Maluhia, there was on mischievous human named Jack, one day as he was playing with the jellyfish, which many advice not to do because jelly fish can be dangerous, the jellyfish accidentally stung him. In shock Jack looked down and saw the microscopic dark red bruise forming on his leg. His face immediately turned a glaring red like lava from a volcano. He sprinted out of the ocean in rage.

“You will regret this.” he screamed. He went straight to his friends who would do anything for Jack, and started to plan his revenge. “What if we kidnapped that horrid jellyfish, wait no lets slowly pollute the ocean every day so all the fish pay for what that jelly fish did to me.” he said.

Jack’s friends all looked at each other with concern, but did not dare to object against Jack. For the next week they all gathered as much trash as they possibly could and threw it in the ocean. As they were trashing the ocean one of Jack’s friends picked up a peculiar scarlet seashell with baby blue specks that seemed to be glowing. Jack’s friend then threw it into the ocean breaking it into many pieces.

Brian then spent days thinking about what the fate of the humans will be, while the ocean continued to be filled with the filth from the land. Brian, a kind soul still did not want to harm any human but that changed once he saw the sacred scarlet seashell broken in front of him. The seashell was the heart of the ocean and was Brian’s prized possession.

With the seashell broken Brian knew if he did not do anything the ocean and all the fish would soon perish. Brian had never felt such a burst of anger until this day. He then decided what must be done to teach Jack and all the humans in the world a lesson. Brian grabbed a simple piece of seaweed and transformed it into a large golden trident that towered over every fish in the sea. Only Brian had the strength to hold the magnificent trident.

Brian then began to lift his trident high above his head, spinning it with impeccable speed as it began to glow. The ocean suddenly began to split in half, with Brian in the middle. The wind howled as it blew hundreds of miles per hour, and the ocean’s waves grew thousands of feet. Every human turned to witness the monster that was developing in front of their eyes, unable to move from fear. Not a single soul has ever seen the anything like this.

The enormous waves then crashed onto the land, destroying every house in Ka Maluhia and killing hundreds of people including Jack. To this day, the king of the ocean creates tsunamis all over the world to remind humans to never disrespect the ocean again.

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