My Understanding of Tsunami Problem

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How it works

I think that the scientist’s invention the invisibility cloak will work. Here is my reasoning. How a tsunami happens is when an interruption in the ocean such as an earth quake or under water volcano make a big wave in the water and shift the earth making waves and the waves of a tsunami start small but get bigger as they go. It’s like when in a bath tub if you do something to interrupt the waters silence there’s tiny ripples of water except, only if you don’t do something big in the water like a rock there’s big waves of water.

But if you do something little like a single touch there’s tiny ripples of water but if you do, do something big the waves are big. Same with a tsunami if a tiny little wave like a beach wave happens it’s not going to flood a city or town it will only wash away some sand. Except in a big tsunami wave the waves get bigger and bigger till they hit land and flood the city or town that it hit making a great deal of damage.

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So the scientists designed the ”Invisiblity Cloak” to turn tsunamis away from land and prevent any damage to cities and towns. Scientists got the idea by testing one on a small wave of water. What it does is it reflects an item and makes it turn invisible! And make it turn in a different direction in a way. So as you can tell making one is going to be hard so even if you are able to make an invisibility cloak. It might be able to turn something like a little wave. But scientists, on the other hand have to find a way to build a giant invisibility cloak to be able to turn a large wave like a tsunami. So in conclusion, even though the invisibility cloak makes the giant wave of a tsunami invisible I think it will still be able to turn the wave of large tsunami in an entirely different direction.

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