What is Tsunami

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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The Tsunami is created when the plates in the ground shift then lift the water back then charge all of the water forward towards land then destroys almost everything in its path. But it can also be made when an earthquake happens under water then lift up the water but those don’t happen very often. But I think that if they made that sheet then the water would be too strong and it would push the sheet out of its way. Then all of that water that was held would come straight out and destroy everything. But maybe they could build a damn in the deeper part of the ocean. They have it very tall so that tsunamis could not reach us.

But I feel like that also ruins our time on the water. Because when you are on a boat or maybe on a cruise you won’t be able to travel to far out. Because we would be closed in by the wall so we wouldn’t be able to go. So some islands are to far out, so that land could not be discovered for new things. Because we won’t be able to go out that far. But also a way to tell if there is a tsunami is if the water oddly comes back off the shore. But if not a tsunami is most likely not going to happen so there would be nothing to worry about.

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But also there are many tectonic plates in the sea is were most likely were a tsunami will appear. If, you are in a state that is next to the sea make sure that you are aware of its occurrence. But if you don’t live in a state near the sea, tsunami are nothing to worrying about. I feel like if we would to have a huge tsunami we could maybe make a barricade to maybe stop it of build a wall on the outer land. A question to ask is that is there any other way to start a tsunami or maybe even to stop one. I wonder if that is possible to do, because if so you could save many building and cars that are destroyed during one, and it would also save many lives because tsunamis can also kill people. Witch is not good for the world.

But the invisibility shield would not work because I feel like it would be blocking what should not be blocked. Like the sun that should not be blocked. Because that would make the beach very cold and around the beach would be cold. But on the other hand it would still stop the tsunami which is great for the environment. But another question is how big will this thing be. But tsunamis are just so destructive to everything.

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