How Tsunamis Can be Stopped

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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Imagine having such huge waves that travel 500 miles per an hour destroying so many cities, towns, well everything all at once. Well, these powerful waves are called tsunami. Tsunami is Japanese means, “harbor wave” and the meaning really does fit, but when I think about tsunami the one word that comes to my mind is, “dangerous”. Well, another thing comes to my mind, how do tsunamis happened and how can we stop them?

The cause of these large waves called tsunami is earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, glaciers breaking off, and even meteorites. All these causes make the ocean water move so much that it becomes powerful and huge. One thing about tsunamis is the most commonly cause for tsunamis is mostly earthquakes. So, I will give the example of how a single earthquake can make the ocean be so powerful. First off, what is an earthquake? An earthquake is an enormous part of the Earth’s crust moving. When this happens underwater this movement of the Earth’s crust causes the ocean water to also move.

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We have been trying to figure how to stop these great waves for maybe years or centuries I don’t even know since we been trying to figure this out for so long. The one thing that scientists been working on to stop tsunamis is the invisibility cloak. This invisibility cloak was invented in October 2006, how the invisibility cloak works is bending the light making structures disappear. So if, we use the invisibility cloak when a tsunami is happening it would make structures disappear so nothing bad happens.

So, does this invisibility cloak really work on tsunamis? Yes, because this invisibility cloak is bending light and other things making structures disappear and whenever a tsunami happens it will make buildings, small islands, etc., invisible to tsunamis. But, here’s another way to explain it one thing you have to know is how our eyes work. How humans see objects is that the must be reflecting light waves, and then these light waves enter into our eyes and the brain starts to processed. If there are no waves the brain doesn’t process. So, the invisibility cloak works by not having waves reflect on it. After everything, we can finally know how to make a tsunami disappear.

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