Is it Possible to Make Tsunami Disappear

If you want to make a tsunami disappear a couple of things will have to happen for this to work. First a tsunami has to happen how does this happen, well when the worlds tectonic plates will have split. On will have to go over the over and just grind together those are many ways it can occur .

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you may ask how does this happed well have you ever tapped on a glass of any liquid or stomp on the floor and then the liquid starts to ripple. Think of the stomping or you tapping is the tectonic plates affecting the ocean. It depends on the size or level of the earthquake some earthquakes affect on the oceans waves could be the average of any day waves, tsunamis can be very dangerous to any boats or planes,cars,building, and any people in the strike zone. Also a tsunami can uproot trees and plants, and rocks from the ground which can be even more dangerous.

Earthquakes can be more destructive than atomic bombs. Oceanographer Dailin Wang states that 200,000 of the worlds most powerful nuclear bombs all going at once would match the quake that hit Japan. Dailin and other scientists planted a worldwide networks of buoys,siesmometers, and satellites to let populations that live close to the ocean if dangerous waves are coming their way. The worlds biggest tsunami was in two thousand and four on December twenty sixth. It started off as just a large earthquake on the ocean floor. But the tsunami was massive it was a towering one hundred and sixty seven feet tall, people in the wave zone said it sounding like an approaching freight train. The tsunami killed an approximate two hundred and thirty thousand people.

Invisibility it´s been in the minds of everyone its there one minute then the next its gone. In two thousand and six scientists invented the tsunami cloak. The way it works is by redirecting light around itself rendering it invisble. The acoustic cloak redirects sound waves which could only be helpful if we need to know where something like a dangerous wave is coming. The cloak does´nt actually make the tsunami disappear it makes the coastline invisible to it´s waves.

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