A Manifestation of Individualism in Society

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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This case study primarily focuses on organizational culture, communication, social environment, and individualism. When entering an organization, we often ask, “What is the culture of this organization? What comprises this organizational culture?” Often, we find employees who are inclined to voice mostly negative things and set our expectations of the organization accordingly. However, this organization was the opposite; employees spoke highly of it, stating they felt like a family, especially within their teams. We often wonder who defines an organizational culture.

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More often than not, we say the employees. However, in my opinion, the culture of an organization should originate from its upper management, such as the CEO and managers. As the CEO, you presumably understand what your organization needs, how you want your employees to be treated, how you want your organization to function, and the level of respect you expect from your employees.

This case study explores the journey of Dante, a confident 22-year-old who sought out challenges. Dante underwent a grueling interview process to secure a job at Bedrock Communications. In the midst of the interview, some managers got the impression that Dante’s confidence could be mistaken for arrogance. Nonetheless, he was hired. Upon joining the organization, Dante quickly established friendships. Bedrock was launching a campaign for a new male enhancement drug and decided to implement Dante’s plan, but it ultimately failed. Dante experienced some setbacks in this case study. Beginning with his inappropriate comments at the Christmas party, which he thought were humorous while others found them offensive, causing hurt feelings. Consequently, coworkers distanced themselves from Dante, a reaction he failed to comprehend, although he assumed he knew why.

Communication was a crucial aspect of success in this organization, particularly for Dante as a new employee struggling to understand the organizational culture. Dante managed to make friends at the onset of his career at the organization who then helped him grasp the organization’s social norms. While he tried his best to fit in with the team, he was individualistic in nature. Even though the CEO explicitly told Dante that the organization values teamwork over individual contributions. If Dante had fully understood the focus on teamwork within the organization, he might have chosen not to work there to begin with. Dante felt compelled to prove himself to the organization, often working alone despite being part of a team.

Dante’s approach to assimilation varied considerably from the organization’s emphasis on teamwork. Although their rigorous interview process was accurate and direct, they singled out those who could accomplish the tasks as a team. However, Dante preferred to be a part of the out-group rather than the in-group. Dante started off embracing the cultural norms of his role, but as he began to make assumptions about the situation, he questioned his fit within the organization, leading to a shift towards individualism. He also contemplated leaving for other organizations. The realization that his work was truly his own caused a rift in the Bedrock organization, which was an unacceptable situation for them. The organization cared more about assisting others in their success, which also reflected well on them. That’s why I think Dante will ultimately leave the organization to find somewhere he can find more individualistic challenges.

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