Zora Neal Hurston’s “Their Eyes were Watching God”

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Updated: Mar 05, 2021
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Zora Neal Hurston’s “Their Eyes were Watching God” essay

Zora Neal Hurston’s, “Their Eyes Were Watching God”, depicts a strong female role in a small town. Janie, the protagonist, goes through many trials and tribulations to find unconditional love with a man. While she does find the man of her dreams, she does not accomplish this instantly. In fact, she endured two relationships before him, and they were both failures. It is best to describe her first two marriages as trapped as she does not have any freedom and confinement in them.

Janie’s first marriage was not a choice of her own to begin with. However, he is not the one that forced her to marry him. As a matter of fact, Logan Killicks is the man that Janie’s grandmother desires to be with her. Janie does this to please her, but it does not work out. Logan made her feel more surrendered than she felt before. He consistently exploits her by making her work in fields with him. This affects her emotionally in an affectionless relationship. She wanted more and better in a man. She wanted to make her own decisions.

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Janie’s next relationship with Joe Starks is more significant and complex than her relationship with Logan. It is likewise all the more harming. He doesn’t enable her to talk to other people; he hates it when she associates with other men; he demands that she covers her excellent hair; he scolds her when he trusts that she is performing severely at work; and when he is angered, he beats her. She carries on like the loyal spouse Jody needs her to be. Long periods of abuse enable Janie to draw away men with her words. They additionally give her an outsized thankfulness for her opportunity. Since she comprehends being ground somewhere near a man, Janie values her single life undeniably beyond what she could have had she never experienced genuine despondency. Janie recommends that satisfaction does not generally include one spouse, kids, and a settled presence. Also, by depicting the blasts of freedom that Janie’s yearns for, she contends that incredible quality is here and there the immediate consequence of genuine shortcoming.

Love is amongst the numerous things that characterize us in our lives. Such is the situation for Their Eyes Were Watching God. In said story, Janie was hitched multiple times. Also, every marriage was a piece of Janie’s journey to characterize herself. At times they define us as great individuals, here and there awful. Janie’s connections at last depict her as a sentimental that thought about anything besides love.

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