Zora Neal Hurston’s “Their Eyes were Watching God”

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Updated: Aug 31, 2023
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Zora Neal Hurston’s “Their Eyes Were Watching God” depicts a strong female role in a small town. Janie, the protagonist, goes through many trials and tribulations to find unconditional love with a man. While she does find the man of her dreams, she does not accomplish this instantly. In fact, she endured two relationships before him, both of which were failures. Her first two marriages could best be described as trapping her in confinement, depriving her of any sense of freedom.

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Janie’s first marriage was not a choice of her own to begin with. However, it was not her husband who imposed the decision upon her. In fact, Logan Killicks is the man Janie’s grandmother wanted her to be with. Janie acquiesced to please her grandmother, but the arrangement never worked out. Logan made Janie feel more oppressed than ever before. He persistently exploited her, making her labor in the fields with him, and this emotionally scarred her. She yearned for more in a man and the freedom to make her own decisions.

Janie’s subsequent relationship with Joe Starks was far more significant and complex than her relationship with Logan. Unfortunately, it was also more damaging. He did not allow her to talk to others, despised her associating with other men, commanded her to cover her beautiful hair, chastised her for perceived underperformance at work, and even physically beat her when enraged. Despite all of this, she continued to play the role of the subservient spouse Joe required her to be. Years of abuse gifted Janie the ability to repel men with her words. They also imbued her with an oversized appreciation for her freedom, of which she gained a newfound understanding after being trapped by a man. Janie’s experiences reflect a powerful contention that happiness does not always revolve around one spouse, children, and a settled existence. Furthermore, they demonstrate that assertions of autonomy often arise as direct responses to true forms of weakness.

Love is among the many things that define us in our lives, a fact demonstrated in “Their Eyes Were Watching God”. In the story, Janie was married three times, each representing a different stage in her journey to self-discovery. Sometimes marriages define us as good individuals, at other times, they define us as bad. Ultimately, Janie’s relationships portray her as a hopeless romantic who cares about nothing but love.

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