Women’s Role in Society and Sexist Advertisements

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Updated: Apr 03, 2021
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Women’s Role in Society and Sexist Advertisements essay

“There are various issues that we want to solve by conducting this investigation. One of the issue suggested is that the way women are depicted in advertisements affects how women’s role in society is perceived, and how a woman should act and behave (Lafky et al., 1996; Lindner, 2004). There is a significant shift in society, where feminist try to break the norm of the common female body image by starting feminist movement such as #MeToo, a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault. Nevertheless, female sexual objectification is still communicated in advertisements in Malaysia.

Although there are some potential legal actions that are being discussed between political actors and marketing agencies, it is not clear what Malaysia citizens’ attitudes towards such advertisements are and how they may influence purchase intention. Additionally, there are conflicting patterns of results related to consumer attitudes in relation to sexual content in advertising (Black & Morton, 2017; Vezich, Gunter & Lieberman, 2017; Wirtz, Sparks & Zimbres, 2018) which is why it seems important for researchers to identify consistent findings and salient themes. Understanding the attitudes of young adults is especially significant because they make up a large portion that companies target in their marketing activities (Byron, 2016; Schwabel, 2015) and they act as judge in the advertising and marketing industry (Cornelis & Peter, 2017).

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Furthermore, wide research on the psychological effects from the usage of sexist advertisements in Malaysia has been studied (Lanis & Covell, 1995; Taylor, Miyazaki, & Mogensen, 2013; Vezich, Gunter, & Lieberman, 2017). In any case, the focal point in the past investigation has, for example, been on the way sexism impacts purchasers or individuals in Malaysia, and the way in which they regard themselves or others (need insert citation). It is been seen that there is a nonattendance of research as for how sexist ad impacts customer attitudes and purchase intention toward the brand of the commercial. Further, there is also a non appearance of research, which, in this particular situation, considers the qualification in moods towards, similarly as sexual introduction differentiates in mood of action.

Assembling these issues together, the purpose of this investigation is to give a vital learning for marketing manager in order to understand the aftereffects of using sexist advertising in Malaysia. The yearning is to add to an increasingly understanding of the consequences for using sexist advertisements, by focusing on the customer attitudes and purchasing desire. Thusly, this examination will merge the conceptualization of sexism in publicizing, buyer outlooks and purchase objective across both genders. The examination will search for bits of information and perception about customer point of view and purchasing point molded by sexist ads. In this way, this examination looks Malaysians’ reactions towards the portrayal of sexual content in a printed commercial where the thing isn’t insulting.”

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