Women’s Rights Matter


Feminism is regarded as the battle against hierarchical dominance in almost the entire global culture within all history that has been recorded. I started being acutely aware of the Women’s rights matters during the beginning of my third year in college. I followed my attempts to revisit several cultural norms that I had previously embraced and accepted as a just ordinary natural order of things. In regard to this, the idea of expanding my awareness of women’s issues in the literature came in my mind and I preferably picked The Women’s Room.

Marilyn Fridey, the author of the book takes us through different times to present as she explains the lives of various women which to me it conveys nothing out of ordinary from these Women.The idea conveyed is that the existing options for women’s are either to go to college or and most probably go get married. In the book, we come across the character known as Myra whose life is entirely traced by the author in the book.

She appears to be uncomfortable with the family duties she has to undergo confined in the same space all the time in the neighborhood. The most important part in her life comes when the family stabilizes with the kids growing and economy becoming sustainable after which she decides to divorce her husband and lastly through her years as a graduate student at Yale. Besides the difficult and devastating life she goes through, we see that she finally gains meaningful control over her own life.

In most of my life, I have grown knowing that men’s are only supposed to be intelligent and in position to be in control in everything or being worldly basically that’s what meant to be a man and that is what most men’s would obviously strive to be like. After reading this book I came to realize that there was more than a person in an identity of being women rather than being a person. Gender cannot be regarded as the most key or significant thing about involvement in career trajectories. When considering the woman’s spheres around home that involves marriage and motherhood, it is seen in the book that husbands dominate, reinforce and most notably criticize the role of women in career, education and at homes.

Power is identified as a means in which the relations of both sexes is established, therefore this power can be said to be political but more significantly economical. Marilyn novel equally covers the key topics that have impacts and still affects women such as inequality, marriage, motherhood, and career.The important point conveyed by The Women’s Room is that men feel unable to equalize to women?’s hence figuring out how the society has embraced gender stereotypes in a long time that it is considered normal.

Reading this book, however being a male, taught me how to rebel against the unfavorable traditions and my relationships with women culture and offered to me much more sensitive inclination of women’s in our society today and taking traditional justice systems into consideration and keeping them as valid and regarding them as practices and principles. The closer women’s like my mother and my sisters are my first priority on whom I chose to make sure they never experience what Mira had gone through.

After reading The Women’s Room, women’s became more than just a human being to me and their respect for their grew more thus enabling me to live by the principle that we are equal in the society regardless of gender.

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