Observational Methods

Prostitution has become a menace in our society. This is attributed to the level of moral decay in that we can observe in our society. Basically there are a number of ways we can adopt in terms of identifying the extent to which this problem has developed root in our area.

First we are going to look at a number of previous studies that have been conducted in the past on the same. In addition to that, we will move into the jails and identify the women who have been arrested on accounts of prostitution. Apart from that we will also try and inquire from the police department on the previous records of such instances where women have been charged for prostitution.

With all this data in place, it is possible for us to develop and clear image of the extent of this problem in our area and come up with relevant means of handling the same. To find the current rate of prostitution in our area, we will conduct interviews on the women found on the streets in late hours. We will also conduct night patrols around areas prone to prostitution in order to get the rough estimate of women present.

In our interview we will sample women aged from 20 – 40 years (Main 331). The best method of observation we are going to adopt in this case is disguised observation due to the fact that most of the women involved in prostitution would not like to be exposed. The advantage of this method is that it allows for us to get the natural behavior of the respondents since they will not be aware of what we are doing.

However, it can be quite disadvantageous as the women they will notice our present, the respondents will flee from the area leaving with nothing to work on.

Work cited Main G. L., Women on the edge. Journal of Early Republic. 2012

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