Violence against Women is a Form of Human Rights Violations

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Updated: Mar 13, 2021
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Violence against Women is a Form of Human Rights Violations essay

It is established in sexist social structures rather than individual and isolated acts; this violence affects all women, regardless of age, socio-economic status, level of education and region of the world; it displays itself in all societies and is a major obstacle to eliminating gender inequalities and discrimination against women around the world. The terms “violence against women” are frequently used in the texts or by human rights defenders. Gender-based violence is, however, violence against a person because of his or her sex and the place accorded to it by a given society or culture.

This is more elaborate on the Stanford law review by Kimberle Crewnshaw. ” The need to split one’s political energies between two sometimes opposing groups is a dimension of intersectional dis empowerment that men of color and white women seldom confront. Indeed, their specific raced and gendered experiences, although intersectional, often define as well as confine the interests of the entire group. For example racism as experienced by people of color who are of a particular male-tends to determine the parameters of antiracist strategies, just as sexism as experienced by women who are of a particular race-white- ground the women’s movement” (Crewnshaw 1252). It should be noted, however, that we read for the class Gender-based violence highlights the gendered aspects of such acts; in other words, the link between the lower status of women in society and their growing vulnerability to violence. Say Her Name illustrate widely and precisely this point. “Yet their marginal position with respect to economic and social power relations creates the isolating and vulnerable context in which their struggle against police violence, mass incarceration, and economic marginalization occurs. In order to ensure safe and healthy Black communities, we must address police violence against Black women with equal outrage and commitment” (Crenshaw 6).

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