Why it’s Important to be Honest: the Virtue of Truth

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Updated: Aug 16, 2023
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The Foundations of Honesty

As some may think, being dishonest to people to avoid conservation may seem easier, but we fail to see that it makes life hard on us as we try to cover every lie we tell. Luckily enough for me, as I was growing up, I was able to have some great role models that taught me that it was better to be truthful and honest than to be one people can’t trust. Honesty always brings the best out of any person, and it can change any bad day into one that you will remember forever.

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In addition, when we look at the definition of honesty, it supports what I’ve been taught as it says, “Free of deceit; truthful and sincere.”

If I were to be real, I am still working on being honest as I always feel as though I’ll hurt someone’s feeling if I tell them the truth. But as I now understand, having any friendship that’s built on lies regularly gets ugly, and you lose out on a great friendship. So that’s why my grandmother harped on being very straightforward with the people you love, as it is better to build them up than to build them down. This is why having that value of honesty in your repertoire helps build that strong foundation that you need to have in your life or in a friendship. I would later learn that honesty shows the great character in someone and how one could gain knowledge from them. Therefore, I was able to use my own experiences to notice everyone who had a positive outlook on life.

Why is it Important to Be Honest in Relationships

I have realized that for me to have a peaceful state of mind, I need to be completely honest with myself and with the people I talk to. Having that raw honesty with my friends has allowed us to have a strong friendship that isn’t filled with lies and egotistic guys. One example is when I first moved to Moore, Oklahoma, in 2014, as I didn’t know anyone at my middle school, and I had to open myself to people that I never met before. Luckily enough for me, when I entered my gym class at Moorewest Jr High, I instantly connected with a kid named Bradley, who liked playing basketball and playing video games like me. So, as we gradually got to know each other more, we started to go outside and do what we both loved to do: play basketball. At this time, Bradley and I decided to sign up and play at our local YMCA. Bradley was honest and real to me, and that made me genuinely happy because he helped me adapt to being the new kid.

The bond we had created just after a few months was amazing as I was able to settle into a new environment and figure myself out on an individual level. After all this, I figured that I still had much to learn when it came to being a good person and friend. I knew the right people to talk to about adjusting to new people.
Honesty is one of the many core values that one must have in themselves to try to be the very best person they possibly can be. Being an honest person not only removes all the negativity in your life but also builds those friendships tighter as we become closer, just like family. By growing up in an honest family, I was able to distinctly tell the difference between the devilish side of people lying to each other and those who always cared for each other. 

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