What should we Know about Sex Trafficking

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Sex Trafficking

When people become parents, safety is the most important thing for their kids. They want to rely on their government, city, community, and neighborhood to make sure that the people they love the most are safe. But, when there is a major issue that needs attention, like sex trafficking, there are major actions that the government should be taking into these matters. The people can voice their opinion to make a difference, but the congress should be the main on to make changes to the way sex trafficking is being handled.

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Sex trafficking, a horrible epidemic happening around us, that we are not aware of. There are so many things that people face through a daily basis but having their kids or a family member part of the sex trafficking chain shouldn’t be one of those things. To show more about how serious sex trafficking is, there is a documentary on Netflix called I am Jane Doe, and the documentary talks about mothers who have tried to take justice into their hands, when their daughters were victims of this epidemic. What they wanted to do was sue the company, even though sex trafficking wasn’t started by this page, Backpage was like the middle men, and they were allowing for these types of ads to be posted in the website. Even though, the website was being sued they were trying their hardest to make sure that they would win the cases, because the company was gaining millions and millions of dollars just by allowing these ads to be posted. The reason why they kept winning was because they kept being covered by the First Amendments and by Section 230, and basically what Section 230 is, it explains that the company can’t be sued for what third parties post in the website.

In the documentary they also talk about of what kind of victims sex traffickers look for. Their targets are more of kids who have left home, kids who look vulnerable, that look like they need protection or someone that they can trust. The reason why kids like this are their main targets is because they know that they will be easy to mind trick them into giving them somewhere to live somewhere safe, and someone to trust. This also happens to kids that go through the foster care system and the neglect of not being careful or caring enough of what happens in the system. I read this quote in an article that saddened me so much, because it’s the story of a young girl who was with a pimp and she was being sex trafficked, but she kept going back to her pimp for having a tough life. In the article it says; “She entered Texas’ long-term foster care system. For the next six years, she cycled through 19 different homes and institutions. She was brutally punished in some of those places — thrown to the ground and restrained, made to stand on milk crates for hours — and sexually assaulted. She attended nine different schools. She wound up in the emergency room twice for suicidal thoughts” (Satija, Neena, et al. How Hollow Rhetoric and a Broken Child Welfare System Feed Texas’ Sex-Trafficking Underworld). In this same article is talked on how kids who are rescued from the sex traffickers, or pimps, they tend to go back because they end up suffering abuse at a place they need to feel safe. This will always be a cycle if the foster care system doesn’t show more interest into this, I truly believe that if the government enforces the qualifications of foster homes, and who can be foster parents, they should be feeling safe when going and not feel abused.

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