Watson and his Views on the Relationship between Patient and Nurse

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Updated: Jun 26, 2022
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Watson’s interpretations of health is described as much more than simply curing an illness. She believes that although curing is imperative, it is much more than a physiological response. In order for health to be achieved, nurses must also take a holistic approach with patients, one which is structured around the mind, body, and soul. She states that in order for healing to be effective, that there needs to be a complete balance of person’s physical, cognitive, and spiritual-self. It is essential for each of these components to be unified and functioning at their highest capacities to achieve health. Another important aspect of health involves nursing assessment. It is crucial to assess patients based on their individual needs in order to maintain optimal health. Patients in acute health care settings, for example, may require multiple assessments daily, while patients in other areas of the nursing field may require less observation.

Watson stresses that if a person appears to be in good health, it does not necessarily equate to health being fully achieved. It is important to note, Watson’s Theory stresses the equal importance of illness prevention with total health. Through this ideology, it is important for nurses to implement care plans that are structured not only to treat current illnesses, but also to assess a patient’s mental state and background, and prevent potential illnesses as well. When describing her viewpoints on the metaparadigm of nursing, Watson believes that it is essential for nurses to establish relationships with their patients. She pinpoints that while medicine and science are crucial curative factors, that they are not always the most dominant factors.

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It is equally important for caring to be another essential component to the nursing process by focusing on the person as a whole and ensuring that nurses will provide care to patients physically, mentally, and spiritually. By establishing meaningful relationships, nurses can ensure that they feel safe and comfortable. Achieving this helps to strengthen the bond between the nurse and patient, curing and caring. Establishing relationships can ultimately lead to nurses gaining even more patient information, which helps to promote better healing. Watson stresses that it is imperative for nurses to educate and guide patients to restore optimal health. The nurse should be a leader who is able to teach patients ways to further promote the healing process.

Many leaders and administrators in the nursing field have applied Watson’s theories in hospitals around the country. Her theories are used as criteria for the nursing staff to apply the deepest levels of caring. Watson also believes that assessing and evaluating patients is crucial in preventing further illnesses from occurring.

Watson and his Views on the Relationship between Patient and Nurse essay

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