Useless, Alone, Scared, Ashamed, Hopeless, Frightened

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Useless, alone, scared, ashamed, hopeless, frightened. These are some feelings that kids have when they are going through hard times like foster care. When these kids are being forced into foster care they can’t keep very many personal belongings the only thing they really have is emotions and memories. Those are the only things that make themselves special and unique. Their feelings like happiness, joy, excitement are being taken away from them and opposite feelings are replacing them. Fighting feelings Bang bursts of bubbling feelings flowing through their heads making them explode with different thoughts and emotions.

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These negative feeling cause outcomes that are going to affect their lifelong decisions. How they live their daily lives, Especially when they don’t know how to handle their feelings because they don’t have the basic skills that help them when they come across these problems.

Over half a million kids are put in foster care traveling from place to place. Put in unstable homes across the globe. The children enter foster cares that are not fit for them: or able to help. There are several different ways children get taken away from their biological parents. There are three million reports of child maltreatment (physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and abandonment and there are several more different examples.) Sometimes the other family members are unable or unfit to care for the child after the biological parents have become fatally ill. After kids get put into foster care they are most likely to experience negative outcomes in life. It is proven that children that are going into foster care are more likely to have physical and mental health problems and educational problems than other children. They: are also more likely to experience homelessness, illegal actions, teen pregnancies, quick mood changes, depression, emotional neglect, and several other terrible things.

“According to the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, foster care is defined as “24-hour substitute care for children outside their own homes.” Places where foster care occurs often include non-relative foster family homes, relative foster homes, emergency shelters, group homes, residential facilities, and pre-adoptive homes.” No matter where the child goes it has effects on them somehow someway. I would feel so many different emotions if every day I came back to this weird house that I am supposed to call home. These two adults that replaced my mom and dad. Foster siblings that I could love or hate, that could be my best friend or my worst enemy. Stuff that’s not mine- not my bear, but a bunny. Not my pen, but a pencil. not my shirt, but a dress. Not my pictures but pictures. Not my room but a room.


“According to the Administration for Children and Families (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services), as of September 2003, there were about 523,000 children in foster care in the United States.” Out of all the kids in foster care, 52% were male and 48% were female. There were about 297,000 children who entered foster care during 2003, 46% were White, 27% were Black, 17% were Hispanic, and 9% were other races/ethnic origins. There are a lot more kids needing homes because of that we need more foster parents to help and provide a safe home for the children.


Once the child finds a stable loving home that they can permanently live in they have to go through a long process of adoption. When they go through adoption there has to be a “court or other government agency to award permanent custody of a child (or, occasionally, an older individual) to adoptive parents or in some cases a single parent.” For different states, there are different rules and requirements involved in the process. In adoption, 1 child or groups can be adopted the siblings can be separated in this process or they can get an adopted.


Adoption goes all the way back to ancient times. Romans saw this process as “a way of ensuring male heirs to childless couples so that family lines and religious traditions could be maintained”. But, for the Americans, they made the rules to help the child not the adapter. Sometimes they adoption adopts just because either they want to help a child or due to fertility problems or just other reasons.

For the better

Being able to go into a safe foster care home is a great opportunity to save a child from their dangerous or not home. But it is very hard on the child rather it be foster care itself or the life before going to a new home. But hopeful in the end everyone’s goal is for the child to be safe and have a better environment to be safe; loved and have the opportunity to grow as a human and start a new healthy life for the child.

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