Transgender: Reality and Representation

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“I planted a tounge for the divided sexual personalities.I felt the urge to write when I could retaliate with the coinage of sapumsakar against the denial of identity thrust by the word napumsakam.” One survival strategy of the main stream ideology for up keeping the status quo is to neglect certain social realities that may have the potential to subvert it. Transgender and transgender issues are real, but the conservative societies pretend it to be negligible.

Transgender people live among ourselves. They serve in all walks of life. Still, the hetero normative and patriarchal culture that dominate the recent world make their existence and identity much complicated. Since gender and sexuality are seen as the main features that identify a transgender, a common belief that reign the popular culture is that the transgenders are sexually deviated people. Not only the common, but the educated people do not understand that sex, gender and sexual orientation are different entities. The problems faced by gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender are different in their own nature and social context. Their solutions are also not unique.

Many of the myths have been constituted by the societies to substantiate the falsified myths about transgender. Owing to the changing social scenario and a renewed political activism, transgender are organised in many parts of the world. They fight continuously for their rights and the deserved cultural space. One pertinent problem faced by these communities is that the transgender hesitate to identify themselves as transgender.

There is social pressure from familial relations. In most of the cases these people fear the social ostracism. There experience is traumatic and innumerable cases of mental frustrations have been reported from all parts of the world. Transgender organisations tries to inculcate the feeling of pride among their community. They urge the society to consider them as normal. They arrange pride parades to proclaim their identity.

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