Train Transport Security

Train Transport SecurityNameInstitutionDateSecurity is very important in every place, the safety of commuters especially those taking train services has been the point of concern to the relevant security systems. Train transport is one of the most used transport services in the world for both passenger and cargo rail system. Due to the population handled at the stations, many criminal or unwarranted activities can take place unnoticed (Chollet, 2009).

This can be witnessed at odd times like the evenings and during night hours, and this calls for enhancement of night surveillance systems in the train transit hub.Passenger handling and cargo maintenance has come under serious criticism, from stakeholders and other concern parties (Chollet, 2009).

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At the transit hub, a place where various transport modes exchange cargo and passengers is where security needs to be stressed and enhanced Boquet, 2009). Countries have tried to ensure the safety of their citizens cargo from theft and damage activities especially when they board and alight (Cheng, Verma & Verter, 2016).

The measure put in place include the deployment of special security forces in the sensitive areas, and sensitizing the train users of the possible threats and measures available (Boquet, 2009).

In other countries there has been reports of theft and other criminal activities against passengers at the train stations, this has been rampant due to the large numbers of people at the hubs or train stations. The nature of activities that take place at the stations do not provide a good environment for effective security procedures to take place, if the responsible security agencies are not well equipped and trained (Cheng, Verma & Verter, 2016).

Many governments have tried to equip their agencies, through empowering the respective agencies to deal with cases of unique characteristics in nature. This is thought to deal with cases of smuggling, terrorist activities and illegal immigrant issues.


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