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Updated: Jun 14, 2022
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We’ve shared some great podcasts to help you stay aware of the ever-changing and rapidly expanding blockchain ecosystem, but what about bloggers? There are lots of blogs out there, but very few of them are real industry experts and creators. Many just share and re-share the same information.

To help you get straight to the source and hear new development from the industry insiders that really know what’s going on, we’ve compiled a list of the top-7 blockchain bloggers we think you should follow.

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Make these blogs part of your everyday reading to stay up on industry trends and be ready to act before the crowd, not after.

Antony Lewis

Creator of the popular online resource, ‘Bits on Blocks,’ Antony is considered one of Asia’s top 100 Fintech influencers two years in a row. Having worked first in traditional finance, he helped launch iBit (now Paxos,) and dedicated his career to researching and developing blockchain.

Not only does his blog, established in 2015, have current info and industry analysis, but it shares his opinions in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Instead of talking in buzzwords, he focuses on what these new technologies mean for everyday life. There are also a great many resources for learning the basis available if you’re newer to the market.

Robby Schwertner

This Austrian industry expert is a wealth of information, especially on his LinkedIn feed where he posts updates and industry news regularly. He also maintains a blog where you can read opinion pieces and interviews.

Also an active speaker on the topic, Robby is always travelling to conferences to give talks on the subject. He is an ICO advisor and moderator/organizer of workshops to develop new ideas and applications for blockchain technology. His excitement for new technology is contagious, showing through in what he writes and speaks.

Vitalik Buterin

Truly one of the giants in the industry, Vitalik was co-founder of industry-leader Ethereum, and despite his professional demands, still finds time to share ideas on the future of the market. While he may not have as many posts, or post as regularly as other bloggers – his incredible experience and insight make this a must-read for anyone in the industry.

With many blockchain solutions built on the Ethereum platform, and with his advocacy for the future of ‘smart contracts,’ Buterin is a true innovator and pioneer. You should read every word he shares, and follow him on social media as well. It’s rare that someone who’s so influential is as free with their ideas.

Chris Skinner

Chris is not specifically a blockchain expert, but rather a finance and fintech industry leader. It’s clear that blockchain is set to disrupt and change the fintech landscape forever, so having an expert in that discipline to help unpack the changes is key. You can sort his posts by ones relating to blockchain to weed out the info you don’t want, but as the new technology becomes more pervasive in the finance world, it’s taking over the content as well.

With multiple awards, speaking engagements, and industry consultancies, Chris’s voice is an important one. Start by filtering the blockchain articles (provided in the link above,) but then read more about the industry at large.

Blockchain and the Law

This blog assembles a team of legal experts in the field of blockchain to give you detailed analysis of how laws are affecting the marketplace, and how things are changing. With ever increasing scrutiny and regulation on the blockchain ecosystem, this is an important resource to help keep you up to date.

Legal or regulatory changes can make or break a particular product, so knowing what’s around the corner from a legal standpoint will give you a leg up on your competition whether you’re simply trading cryptocurrency or developing your own blockchain based company or application.

Richard Gendal Brown

While also not one of the most consistent and prolific bloggers, Brown compensates by having clear, concise and informative posts when he makes them. You can also follow his social media to get snippets of what he’s thinking about, but the blog posts are worth diving into and reading even from years past.

A big proponent of interoperability, which many believe to be a key to the long term success of blockchain technologies, many of his posts focus on that topic. Understanding the implications and benefits of compatibility among blockchain solutions is key, making this a valuable resource.

Steptoe and Johnson

Another blog that focuses on legal and regulatory matters, the Steptoe blockchain blog is rich with information of how governments and organizations are building a legal framework around blockchain and cryptocurrency. There’s a variety of authors here too, and analysis of critical legal decisions worldwide.

By learning which firms are best navigating global legal systems, you can have a clearer picture of which companies are worth investing in or use the information as a model for your own venture. Increasingly, regulations will become a critical factor in designing and implementing a successful blockchain solution.

With the industry expanding in every direction, it’s hard to keep up. We hope you find that following these influential and informative bloggers helps you stay ahead of the game.

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