The Use of Children in Industry and Business

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Child labor is the use of children in a business or an industry and very often it is defined as work that deprives children from their childhood. Children are lacking their right to knowledge and being deprived the opportunity to go to school. Child labor does not only involve enslaved children but also involves exposure to hazardous and dangerous environments for children to work in.

Children who are going through days of hard labor can be so much more than that. Children who are being enslaved can help to build the future, can help build our society but with these children being enslaved, the place we call “our society” will not move forward to being built. “If we can’t begin to agree on fundamentals such as the elimination of the most abusive forms of child labor then we are not ready to march forward into the future” according to Alexis Herman’s quote.

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The work environment for enslaved children isn’t sanitary. The children that work in these places get ill very often and even though these illnesses are serious they don’t get treated immediately and at times they don’t get treated at all. Even though child labor is completely unavoidable at times the children should still be able to do their work in sanitary and safe environments. The environment they work in and how they’re treated can be harmful to their physical and mental development.

When a child is put under labor they lose their potential and their dignity. When a child loses their potential it means, their potential to have a much greater job perhaps, with education and time as the get older. These children can have a greater potential, instead of working in hazardous places as children they can work in offices and become a “life worth living for others”as stated Albert Einstein. and working as adults. Even though not everyone belongs in offices all people should be able to look back on fond memories of their childhood not memories that take their dignity away. Taking away a child’s dignity is taking their pride with it, children lose their self of esteem, self-worth and self respect when abused.

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