Children from Single Parenting Family

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Single Parenting has been known to history ever since the 17th century. Over 33% of children have lost one parent during their childhood throughout the centuries due to many factors. Single Parent families differ from families with two parents because only one parent decides how to run the household instead of two parents. So, Single parenting is a new economic phenomenon that has become more recurrent possibly due to the death of parent or partner, an unintended pregnancies or single parent adoption, abandonment of a child or family, and alcohol or drug addiction.

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Based on these causes, having a hard time maintaining discipline in households, and children will be able to build a strong bond with the parent.

Raising children after the loss of a parent and spouse is never part of the future a parent wishes for. A single parent not only has to mourn over the loss of their deceased spouse, but they must think about their child’s future; which can be hard to think about or plan for a new future that was originally planned with the other parent. Single Parenting can be hard sometimes when you must provide for their children’s physical and emotional needs, losing a parent makes the providing increase drastically. For a child, when they lose a parent; it takes time to control a tantrum, helping with homework along with other daily chores, driving them to and from school, or any extracurricular activities, also having to provide emotional needs because they lost a parent to death, knowing that they will never see them again, only through photos and hearing stories through family members. A few things that might help through the process of losing a spouse or parent would be to let go of any guilt that you may have about the death, focus on your children help them through it as well because you aren’t the only one who lost someone, take care of yourself; don’t forget that you mean something to them children as well, get help if you need it or feel you cant help the children through the death of their parent, the last thing to do is find joy in the life that still have with these children.

Second, does it really matter whether a pregnancy is unintended? An unintended pregnancy has a major impact on a few things, socially, economically, and cultural characteristics. Something that is well known with unintended pregnancies are that it happens a lot with unmarried younger women and many things that come with unmarried young women are they have higher medical risks and major social risks increase with their own parents. Single Parents with unintended pregnancies have complications with medical and the rates increase when they are younger and not thinking about the health of their own body before conception. Another issue they tend to face are psychological; which they try to weigh the option of abortion or keeping the baby, raising it on their own with out the other parent. As a lot of people do things or gossip about someone who is pregnant without the other parent and they don’t care what they gossip about causing negative thoughts in a single parent’s mind. Another thing is that we all believe children have the right to live in a loving permanent home with an amazing family. Regardless of the marital status it is extremely important to build a healthy support group to provide a higher rate of approval for adoption. About 25% of special needs children have increased with single parent adoptions (Children of All Nations).

Third, Abandonment is a parent’s choice to withhold physical, emotional, along with financial support from a minor child and it normally occurs when the other parent denies their parental responsibilities, choosing not to have contact with the child or children. Many people ask this simple question, “How could a parent do that to a child? Parents normally abandon their children because they believe they are not good enough to raise their child the right way. When a child starts to ask why their other parent doesn’t come to see them anymore, the timing will never be perfect to tell a child about the other parent but you must always stay positive about the other nonexistent parent.

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