Single Mother Can be Super Successful

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We all are a melting pot made up of different ideas and backgrounds depending on out genetics and backgrounds we may have different ways of doing things and different views. Family dynamics have changed over the years and are no longer considered traditional, families are so diverse now and days. The diverse family I choose to explore is a single mom who has two children and one of those children suffer from mental and behavioral issues. The growing diversity in family structure coincided with rapidly expanding diversity in the racial-ethnic composition of the population. Feminism empowers women giving then that confidence that they can do all things and don’t need a man in order to accomplish their goals or raise a family. Patriarchy / gender roles as a single mom we become both parents to our children when the father is absent.

Social class its more common to see single moms come together and support each other there are so many support groups and resources available to single moms and their families especially when it comes to parentings. As most of know being a single parent is difficult for many of us and when we face challenges such as this single mom does with a child mental health and behavioral issues it makes it that much more difficult when trying to find work that will work around your schedule in order to care for your child, as well as have help for child such as child care that helps meet the need of the challenges this child may face. This mother maybe working a minimum wage job trying to make ends meet or living payday to payday.

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This single mother can also be super successful and has a wonderful job/ career that works with meeting the needs of her child with all of the appointments the child may have. The concept is different from conventional American view of opportunity which focuses on the absence of formal obstacles to success.(Cohen,2018) We face many obstacles as individuals and as a family in which we have to overcome to achieve our goals and some just settle. The supreme court stated in 1972 that no child is reasonable for his or her birth and penalizing the illegitimate child is ineffectual as well as unjust way to deterring the parent.(Hamilton,2007) Which is why there is so much assistance in many cases such as child support, welfare etc. I don’t think we plan on being single parents there can be a number of reason why a person ends up single, maybe the significant other passed away, maybe a one night stand, or maybe it just didn’t work out. Some people give their child up for adoption, some end up losing their children to the state because they cant provide the proper care and some overcome and raise amazing children. That’s why laws and rules are in place so that their can be some guidance when it comes to what family structure should be, at least how you care for child with all the diversity that comes along with such as marriage, same sex marriages and lack there of.

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