The Story the Yellow Wallpaper

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The story starts with the narrator suffering from postpartum depression after childbirth. On the old days, this was known as woman hysterics. Due to people who were supposed to rent the house were wealthy people who lost their money, the house was rented for a low price. The narrator expresses the hate she has for the room she is locked in because of the ugly wallpaper, so ugly it drives her crazy.

John is the husband of the narrator, who does not believe that his wife is sick.

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John thinks that by giving her rest and leaving her in a room alone without exercise she will eventually get better . We notice at a certain point in the story John treats her like a child, like when he says, What is it, little girl?. The narrator dislikes her relationship with John and his way of being, she tries to tell him, but he is denial and doesn’t see her as an equal. Since he is a doctor, he supposes he is more intelligent than her and couldn’t care less for her opinion. He imagines that men work outside, and the women work inside the house cleaning and cooking.

The narrator feels as though she has no power in their relationship nor her life and her husband is like a model citizen in their society. Because John is a doctor,he chose to prescribe her to get some rest and to relax in order to get rid of her anxiety. This meant she had to be locked up in a nursery that had very ugly yellow wallpaper. As the story progresses, she tries to convince herself that her husband must know how to get her healthy because he is a doctor. The narrator attempts to convince herself that her husband knows best and that she, a lady, is the result of unreasonable tensions that is common in her gender. She has mixed feelings about John because she thinks the condition she is in is very serious yet he pays little to no attention to her. Apart from that she does not like the mansion and believes it to ne creepy.

At the beginning of the story, the narrator demonstrates her feelings for the wallpaper saying she did not like it and it bothered her. She says it has a type of sub-pattern but she thought it was annoying because you could only see it when it was under the light but not in the dark. When she would look at the wallpaper, she could see a sort of figure behind the design that she didn’t appreciate.

When she first arrived to the house she had to stay in the ugly nursery for the first two weeks isolated, all by herself. In the story, when she used the word atrocious to describe the room,that was the first hint she gave us that told us she does not like the nursery since the minute she stepped into that room.

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