The Seminole Tribe

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Later in the 1830s, Jackson became the President of the United States, and he pushed through Congress the Indian Removal Act. This was to move Indians out of the Southeast and use the opened land for the settlers, also for the military enforcement policy to increase. This policy began in 1835 and

those 7 years were tragic in US Indian history in the relations east of the Mississippi River. This was also known in history as the Second Seminole War. The Us Government spent almost $40,000,000 on the removal of 3000 men and women and children from Florida to Oklahoma.

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In US history this was the only war that the US army and the navy and Marines participated. The 3rd Seminole War happened around 1856 and ended in 1858, the US spent the 19th century trying to knock out 5,000 Seminoles from Florida.

During the trail of tears men and women and children were hunted down by bloodhounds and rounded up like cattle and they were forced to go get shipped out to New Orleans and Mississippi. Also, some of the Ex-slaves who fought with Semelonioes were sent overland to Ford Arkansas but they were attacked by many tribes, and they had competition for resources on who needs to survive. Later on, in history, the US military who fought to remove the Seminoles from Florida were Richard Keith Call, and Thomas S. Jusup and others almost ruined reputation just trying to get rid of the Seminoles in a place that was cold and wet in the winter and hot and wet in the summer. It was just the Seminoles, snakes, mosquitos, and alligators that knew how to live in a place like this. They had to adapt in the swampy environment by hunting and gathering wild foods, they grew pumpkin and potatoes and corn. Now in time the Seminole tribe gained more independents, they organized a draft of their own charter and this brought the federal legislation to allow the Indian to act on their Independence from the state government in where they were located in. they survived by selling crafts and many people saw the organization of the constitutional form of the government this would be a good change on July 21, 1957, the tribal members voted for the Seminole Constitution. $12,337,500 were awarded for the land that was taken from them by the US military.

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