“The Long Bitter Trail “by Anthony F.C. Wallace.

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Updated: Mar 13, 2021
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Wallace, Anthony F. C, and Eric Foner. The Long, Bitter Trail: Andrew Jackson and the Indians.1993. Author The author of the book, The Long Bitter Trail is Anthony F.C. Wallace. He was born on April 15, 1923 in Toronto, Canada. He was a well skilled anthropologist. In 1950, Wallace received his PH. D in the University of Pennsylvania, he also taught there from 1951 to 1958. He taught history and anthropology. He was also specialized in the Native Americans culture. In 1978, one of his books on a Bancroft prize. He wrote the Long Bitter trail in 1993. The book was written about 1767 to 1886. He starts with mentioning the Indians and ends the book talking about government relations. The Long Bitter Trail is a biography novel. He wrote the book straightforward. Summary This book explains the vivid way of the trail of tears, and the way they made the Native Americans move west. The book states they are five civilized tribes; the Cherokees, creeks, Choctaws, Chickasaws, and Seminoles of the southeast. It also says how the Native American, as well as the Europeans, migrated to the Americas. Anthony does an investigation among the five tribes that reside in the states of Florida Mississippi, Georgia, and Tennessee following the institution of American Republic.

However though, Wallace does focus on the point of view of the Native Americans and how the white inhabitants grew in these among states and how they launch a system to removed the Native Americans from their homes and established them west of the Mississippi River. Andrew Jackson is also mentioned and how he did put so much effort into this movement. Andrew Jackson was an Indian fighter who also was a land grabber, that in 1830 signed the Act authorizing the eviction of the five tribes which were the Cherokees, Choctaws, Creeks, Chickasaws, and the Seminoles. Jackson had personal involvement among the Native Americans; as a military officer, then as military governor of Florida. He also describes the roles played by proponents of the Removal policy, especially Lewis Cass of Michigan, and the equally vociferous efforts of both Native American leaders and sympathetic whites to allow the tribes to remain in the Southeast. This novel specialized in the conflict among the Native Americans and the White Men. It’s mainly about the government policy and the Indian removal act. The Trail of Tears is one of the main events that is talk among the chapters of the book. It was a vivid deadly trail filled with many blood and many deaths. Strengths and Weaknesses This book is good because it is a straightforward novel.

It is easy to understand and that’s a really good thing. It describes everything vividly, so that helps understand the situation and everything the author is attempting to say even better. The author also gives a lot of information on the Indian removal act, the trail of tears and Andrew Jackson. He also gives so much detail on what exactly happened, which is good because that way we understand the situation much better. Another good thing is it is a short novel, which makes it more available for people to have access on what he wrote. Reason being is we do not have to read a lot to get all the information he does provide for us in that short biography novel. The bad thing about this book is that it’s a really biased book. Also as well as it’s a good thing, giving so much detail is a bad thing because it is overloading the readers with so much information. Conclusion Throughout the book we do learn a lot about Native Americans as well as the Whites in the time period of 1767 to 1886. I highly recommend this book if you want to learn more of the trail of tears and all of what the Native Americans suffered. The author helps us understand easily the situation so that’s why it is a really good book to read to understand this time era a little better.

“The Long Bitter Trail “by Anthony F.C. Wallace. essay

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