The Seminole Native Americans

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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My essay is going to be about the Seminole Native Americans. The Seminole Native Americans originated in North Florida. Researchers claim that the Seminole tribe can be traced back at least 12,000 years. Research proves that they had Native American ancestors living there that long ago. The large territory of Florida already was home to about “200,000” Seminole ancestors, by the time the Spaniards “discovered” it. Europeans migrated to Florida, not too long after, carrying diseases that killed thousands of the Seminoles.

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The Spanish, French, and English immigrants also brought competition which contributed to the death and displacement of the Seminoles. Seminoles were oftenly called “cimarrones” or “free people” because they stuck by their ways and didn’t allow the Europeans to come dominate them and their land. The Seminoles had to overcome many difficulties and setbacks.

They had a series of wars between the United States called the Seminole War. There was a first, second, and third. They also faced the process of being removed from their home and moved to Oklahoma. The journey to Oklahoma was known as the Trail of Tears . Many natives died on this journey due to disease and war wounds. The lives the Seminoles were accustomed to changed once Andrew Jackson became president. He sparked to removal of the natives from their homes in Florida because he believed Florida had many treasures and riches. They were constantly being forced to move place to place which caused housing for the Seminoles to change greatly. Their old housing structures included firm walls and places to sleep while their new ones were easier and quicker to construct. These new homes were known as “Chickees” .These were constructed to have roofs with no walls, only to be held up by cypress logs. Those who were more fortunate lived in 2-story chickees. These living structures are no longer relied on though. After the Indian Wars ended, and Florida’s tourism began to boom, and new building material was introduced. They no longer take days to be constructed, rather than hours.

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