The Poverty Among Us

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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The Poverty Among Us

A reflective examination of the often-overlooked instances and nuances of poverty within our society. By presenting real-life stories and data, this essay will debunk myths, challenge stereotypes, and illuminate the daily struggles of those living in poverty. Moreover, at PapersOwl, there are additional free essay samples connected to Discrimination topic.

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In our current society, poverty is an issue that plagues third world nations. All countries are interwoven with one another because of everyone needing each other for certain resources. When one country is in need, it interrupts a process that all countries have with one another. Poverty is an issue that everyone should pay attention to even if it does not occur where we live or does not affect us directly as much as it does other nations. Not only does poverty affect the country, but it also affects everyone individually in their own way.

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Growing up in poverty can be a struggle leading to poor health, rebellions, and a loss of one’s identity.

One of the main priorities in a country is public health. That is why we have large organizations like the World Health Organization maintaining the public health and stopping epidemics from occurring.(WHO) When there is an issue with public health, it mainly pertains to those in poverty because as bad as it sounds, on average the poor live shorter lives than the rich. (Berrebi) This is due to the fact that those who have more money tend to have more access to better benefits due to having more money to spend. This includes everything from poor educations to inequality. Without having the proper education, those in poverty are not able to realize what is and what is not best for them. Proper knowledge includes the proper way to personal hygiene and the basics of health education. Without this knowledge, people will not know how to react or treat the diseases they have. To sustain proper health, people would have to go see physicians routinely to make sure everyone is where they need to be physically and mentally. To have these benefits of visiting a physician, a person must be able to afford these services. In order for people to have money, they must have a job, but this is very hard to obtain when living in a rural country that is in poverty. while conflict over land disputes has forced people from the land they relied upon for food and money. (Myers) Conflict is one of the main causes of having little to no jobs in an impoverished country because of its harsh conditions. War is considered a very large conflict that have devastating and lasting results on civilians. When a war breaks out it forces those who are not involved to be pushed around and end up becoming innocent victims. Those who are able to survive the war have to now live in a post-war community, basically where everything is started up from scratch once again. Homes are destroyed and businesses would have been out or changed to fit what was needed during the war. War is able to lead to poor health because there may be times where they might use chemical weapons or use explosives injuring innocent civilians. These innocent civilians will become very sick and slowing losing their lives because once there are no jobs, they are not able to afford the care they need. Wars are normally started due to an imbalance or inequality in the country. Inequality is a very large problem in our current society. Inequality is when one faces discrimination for their gender, sexual orientation, race, and etc. This is able to lead to poor health because many can be denied healthcare services due to discrimination and inequality. There can even be times when someone is denied their job because of their gender or are not paid enough as much as their opposite sex. When someone is denied a job they are not able to make money, meaning not being able to afford certain necessities to survive. Living in poor conditions can cause people to become furious and strive for a change.

Rebellions can become very chaotic and get out of hand. Having a poor education can cause people to not grow up in an environment that requires discipline and the basic understandings of how certain laws work. As a human, it is human nature to feel certain emotions and act upon those emotions when they are challenged. This will cause a rebellion easily when people feel passionate about a certain subject. Also when there are no to little jobs, people tend to get very irritated and start to become destructive demanding for more jobs or more money. Uprisings would start left and right. A rebellion is actually under the category of conflicts. Normally, when a war breaks out, smaller rebellions start to rise causing two opposing sides. A rebellion can be as small as groups of people looting stores. A major cause of rebellions is inequality. People will stand up for what they believe in. When people are suppressed, for example currently, people are starting to rebel against their government due to the disruption of human rights. People will become more violent when conditions start to worsen. When all this chaos is occurring people start to lose themselves physically and mentally.

A very personal threat that poverty can have on a person can be the loss of identity. When living in poverty those growing up do not have access to a good education. Kids will eventually grow up not knowing what they would want to do because all they ever knew growing up is violence, surviving, and starvation. These children will end up questioning themselves and start to wander off, losing themselves. As for having jobs, to most people jobs are their livelihoods and when they lose it, it becomes the end of the world. If there were no jobs in the beginning, kids will not even have the motivation to try anymore. When there is an outbreak of war and rebellions, people lose their homes and all of their personal belongings. This can cause a person to become very depressed, especially when losing everything they have ever owned. An example can be someone who values their memories very much like someone who has Alzheimer’s disease. This can ruin the person completely and they might end up forgetting who they were without those memories and their home. Inequality can lead to a loss of identity due to all of the discrimination and rude gestures. People tend to say that words never bothered them, but while growing up in poverty, their self-esteem is very low, so anything as little as words or name calling can make someone question themselves. Those who are not able to fight for equality die trying, and may never know if their efforts will prevail later on for future generations. This can take a toll on someone mentally causing them to stress out.

Growing up in poverty has no advantages at all, because it completely brings down the person’s health mentally and physically. Physically through rebelling, while mentally through losing one self slowly everyday. Public health is important to everyone whether in poverty or not, because diseases can be spread through anyone without caring who is who. Rebellions will start to rise because these people are not able to handle all of the issues. The more people stray away and start rebelling, the more they start to lose themselves. In this world, poverty will never be completely eradicated, but it can be diminished.(Myers) Poverty can be diminished by starting off with providing countries in poverty with beneficial food and clean drinking water.

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