The most Significant Event in American History

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The American Revolution, I choose this topic because this was one of the greatest impacts for America. The American Revolution is considered as the most significant event in American history. Before America was what it is today it had the 13 colonies that were ruled by the British Empire. At the time, the British empire had the world power and they were the biggest and strongest country. After the French and Indian war, the British had gone into a debt and they believed that the 13 colonies should pay for that war.

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The British started to tax the colonies to pay for the wars debt, because of this the colonies thought they were treated unfairly and were being taxed too much. The taxes that were being placed on sugar, stamps, Townshend and the tea. This was not the only thing that led to the American revolution, the colonies believed that parliament didn’t give them a voice to represent themselves. This caused America to revolt against the British parliament.

The colonies felt that because the had no say in parliament they were being mistreated and robbed of their rights. The colonies started to protest British goods by saying No taxation without representation. Rebellious groups had started to form like the sons of liberty, a group of men who was founded by Samuel Adams and john Hancock. They played a major role in the stamp and tea act. They were a major group who had influence people to fight back against the loyalist and parliament. They were such a big influence that woman created another group called the daughters of liberty, they were a group of women that also fought against the stamp act and the Townshend act. Because of these two groups formed the colonies were inspired and decided to fight back and expanding both groups until there was one in every colony.

On March 5, 1770 a group of men were protesting a group of British soldiers. The men were throwing snowballs and sticks at the soldiers causing them to grow in anger and shooting into the crowd killing 3 right there one which was Crispus Attucks. The British soldiers were then taken to court only which 2 were charged with manslaughter. December 16, 1773 the sons of liberty come back, Samuel Adams led the sons of liberty into a boat dressed as native Americans. They would dump 342 chests of tea into the Boston harbor. This showed that the 13 colonies had enough of the British parliament and that they were done getting ruled by them and getting taxed without a say so. King George responded by closing the harbor and sending troops to the colonies leading to Lexington and concord.

The Battles of Lexington and Concord began the American Revolutionary War on April 19 1775. Tensions have been developing between residents of the 13 American colonies and the British authorities, especially in Massachusetts, for many years. Paul revere was sent to warn the colonies about the arrival of the British troops. British had around 700 British troops while the American militia only had like 70. The battle had started after someone had shot their weapon nobody knows who fired first. The battle was known as the shot heard around the world. After the successful battle of Lexington and concord it was spread all across the world that the American colonies had a chance to win against the British troops.

After losing many battles it looked like the American colonies had no chance until the battle of Saratoga. The very hard fought victory persuaded the French army to join the war and help the American colonies fight against the British troops. The French would provide weapons, equipment and their very own army to help. This was consider as turning point of the American Revolution. Now with the command of George Washington and Marquis Lafayette the troops would get better training for the troops. The very last battle of the American Revolution was known as the Battle of Yorktown. As George Washington led an army against General Cornwallis, Lafayette would block his retreat from land and the French navy closed his retreat from sea. They had surrounded the British troops from escaping, they would fight for three weeks after until General Cornwallis would surrender against General Washington. After this event the 13 colonies would win their independence making it the most significant time in American history.

The short term effects of the American Revolution would be creating their very own government system to control the society. Another short term effect that was caused after the American Revolution would be creating the constitution for America and a bill of rights. Some more stuff was that it started to spread enlightment ideas around the world especially in Europe. Some long term effects that was caused from the American Revolution would be the end of mercantilism and it would had open new trading partners and markets for America. America was one of the biggest thing that was effected from this war they would gain their independence and create a new nation who would become the new world power in just a couple of years. The British would lose Territory and start to go into another debt after the American Revolution. Another long term effect was that now the world had to get new affairs with the newly built nation.

History was changed after this event because it spreaded ideas that you could split against your nation. France would take this idea and try to fight against their king and expect America to help them out. British would lose its power and in just a couple of years America would gain more land to expand and become the world power. Also leading to more wars to gain more land but causing more problems for America. Another big change that would spread would be the civil war. If it wasn’t for the American Revolution most of the stuff we do now wouldn’t be possible. This shows that the American Revolution was one of the most important event to happen.

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