The Importance of Time Management in a Team Project

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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Meeting the deadline was greatly necessary in every project. In order to overcome missing the deadline, the members need to manage their time efficiently. This was ourselves responsibilities that we had to do. As a group we constantly contact each other and make sure that we were doing our parts and always remind the schedule of each task that we had to do and complete. We also encourage each other and provided some help when needed. This helped to avoiding delaying to complete the project.

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Also, the group needed to provide the reasonable specific date start and end for each progress in which the tasks were able to complete on time as impossible deadlines might cause the project to failed. In the planning process of the project, my team realized that some steps required spending more time than the other, so we agreed to provide the appropriate deadlines that suit for each process without biasing to some individuals by providing the excessive time to complete the task that require less time consuming than others which may result in reducing the time in challenging tasks. In this case, we focused on the group rather than self benefits which help the group to be able to move on to the next step on time and ensure the deadline of this project will be submit on time.

In addition, helping the introvert member to got involve in the meetings was really necessary. During the meeting every opinion was counted which helped to bring the best outcomes and the team might get the great ideas and feedbacks from the introvert members which was very true as the shy member in my group also be like that. Each team member tried to encourage her to speak and share her opinions more by asking what she thought in discussed topics. As she might be shy to state it first, so we always made sure that we never forgot to ask her opinions and loose focus on her as every conversation we tried to included her as well. By doing these, we would be able to help her to express her opinions freely. We also tried to create lively atmosphere during the meeting in order to help her to feel more relaxed. We tried to talk to her more when we had chances and be more friendly toward her in order to help her to be more familiar and felt close with us which help her to speak more freely and had less tension and shyness when she had to talk with us. Moreover, in order to prevent the damage control of unprepared to complete some assignments before going to the meetings. My team agreed that each of us would start to do the assigned task as soon as possible and made sure that we met the end date of those tasks. By stating to do the assigned task earlier, the chance of the tasks to meet the deadline was higher than starting late. We also helped to reminded each other which tasks we were supposed to do and tried to made ourselves available to other when someone need help. In case we could not help, we would try to provide the best solutions to the struggle member in order to complete the tasks on time. We also made sure that the assigned tasks that each of us had to complete before the meeting had the reasonable and appropriate end date so that we would be able to complete the assignments on time before each meeting. After doing this, my team was able to complete each task on time.

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