Importance of Time Management

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Importance of Time Management

This essay will emphasize the importance of time management in personal and professional life. It will offer strategies for effective time management, such as setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and avoiding procrastination. The piece will discuss the benefits of managing time efficiently, including increased productivity, reduced stress, and better work-life balance. PapersOwl offers a variety of free essay examples on the topic of Time Management.

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Time Management will play a vital role in my academic career while pursuing my degree. There will be a few factors that I must consider in other to manage my time effectively and efficiently. Contrary to popular belief, no one can actual manage time. I will have to manage the events in my life in relation to time within a 24 hour period. How I plan on using my time will be based on things that I have already learned in conjunction with proper planning, self-control, and more importantly self-discipline.

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Being in the military has taught me to engage in all the activities that will support my goals and agendas. I’ve learned that procrastination will always be a main factor for loose of time management and failure to properly focus. When I’m focusing on a task or activity, I do my best to eliminate anything that will or become a distraction to me. I have found that setting my priorities first and foremost, has set the tone for me to organize my time properly and it has improve my focus altogether. In the military things isn’t always set in stone. I have learned over the years to always stay flexible and adapt to the time constraints placed upon me. A piece of advice that I was given to me, was to never fall in love with a plan because it is always subjected to change. Therefore, when I plan and organize my time, I factor in “Newton’s Law” to allow myself time to adjust. Then I will re-focus at the task at hand.

Knowing what my overall goals are each day has helped me to set up my short-term and long-term goals. I have built a day to day planner and a three month calendar that I review each morning before I turn on my computer. I write down and prioritize all my competing tasks that I have to accomplish for that day. My list has become a working document because I update it constantly however; by doing this it has helped me prioritize my tasks wisely. After I have reviewed and captured everything on my list, I have a meeting of the minds with my key leaders before I plan for any new tasks. Once I cross-level with my key leaders, I start my strategic and deliberate planning. As well as developing my operational planning and tasking. Before I start any new task or assignment, I want to ensure that I finish and accomplish that task that I have already started. With that being said, if I do start a new task it has to apply or enhance the task that I’m conducting at that time. Prioritizing will be the most strategic tool that I will use the most.

Trying to balance work, home, and school will be a challenge. Therefore, my time will be limited and more importantly valuable! Trying to juggle time between all these facets will be stressful. With that being said, I have to be very productive, wise, disciplined, and conserve my energy. Bottom line, I have to utilize self-control by analyzing my events before I commit to anything. I want to “protect my time” as if it’s like my life savings. Knowing when to use it and where to use it will lessen the stress that I place upon myself. I am a self-motivator and I’m able to accomplish things that I set my mind to. Analyzing where my focus is most needed is where I will devote my time. However; developing a routine will help me determine a course of action. In addition, by developing a daily routine will help me plan properly and be more realistic when it comes to my time management. More importantly for me, it will also allow me to incorporate the availability for “me time” (i.e. exercising, gym). Things will run together at times and at some point everything is going to feel important. Scheduling my events by use of a calendar, checklist, note pad, or a computer will de-conflict unwanted interruptions. By learning to commit to the things that I need to do vise what I want to do, will eliminate complacency, clutter, and disorganization. Good scheduling and prioritization will protect my time and I will be more productive.

Finding a systematic way of managing my time will help me be more effective and help me know the distinction of what is important and what is not. Setting my daily goals into manageable chunks will improve my performance both mentally and physically. Keeping my atmosphere free of distractions at work and home will decrease my stress levels. Finding time for myself aside of work for relaxation to re-energize myself. Lastly, having the courage to say, “NO” will keep me from over committing myself and otherwise being overloaded.                       

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