The Homophobic Perepetive against Same-Sex Couples

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Homosexuality has sparked controversy in the legalization of monogamous marriage between partners of the same sex. ?My topic of interest is associated with the homophobic perepetive against same-sex couples and their debated right towards parenthood. Oppositionist claim children are in of need both women and men figures to provide gender-role elements that are crucial to development. The comparison of tarditional families with same-sex co-parents have shown to have no dominant difference. The gender of parents are an insignificant influence towards a child’s psychological adaptation nor social success. ?In order to integrate same-sex parenting into society, the parental structure should no longer be spoken with harsh judgement. Educating society of the normality of homosexuality is the answer that resolves this social debate. ?The acknowledgement towards all structures is important for it determines societal well being, this could be done through discussion that ibuses value towards nontraditional families The the neoclassical perspective claims a parent’s gender plays an important role in development of a child. These assumptions are a predominant rebuttal towards the legalization of same-sex marriage. Marriage is the social and legal bond of two partners in a romantic relationship, sharing responsibilities of assets which include their offspring. The NYC Court of Appeals ruled against same-sex marriage (2006; Hernandez vs. Robles), the homophobic stance believes in “protecting” society, more so protecting children from inadequate parenting.

The New York Legislature, along with conservative values, strongly believe in the cohesiveness between gender and parenting. Parenting skills are not exclusive to gender, the essentialist assumption dismiss the effectiveness of positive parenting through non-traditional family structures. In my personal experience, I have come to believe that the gender of a parent has no impact on a child’s development. Experiencing: divorced/single/ and homosexual parental figures, I have come to disregard a guardians gender by valuing stability. Family structure and stability are coherent. A child’s poor performance is reflected upon ?transitions? (change in the family structure), for these changes interfere with concentration and motivation within their responsibilities. ? Parenting is far from the title of a mother/father, it is a relationship of comfort and reliability provided by a source of good judgment that works towards benefiting a child. Stability allows for a child to focus on their tasks, resulting in a better understanding of responsibility and positive results. In the traditional belief, a child raised by same-sex parents would not have the ability to compete with children of a heterosexual couple. Academic achievements play a crucial factor towards the development of an individual’s life, for it correlates with life success.

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The article, “Same-Sex Parent Families and Children’s Academic Achievement,” by Daniel Potter, argues with the belief of superiority given to households of heterosexual parents. In his conclusion Potter states: “children in same-sex parent families adjusted equally well during the transition from home to school (Perry et al., 2004), displayed comparable levels of self-esteem, anxiety, and depression (Bos, van Balen, Sandfort, & van den Boom, 2006; Fulcher, Sutfin, & Patterson, 2008; Gartrell & Bos, 2010), and exhibited similarly low levels of risky and problematic adolescent behaviors,” which abate the allegations that claim homosexual parenting as a deprivation towards success. Notably, children raised by lesbian mothers were found to have a further investment in their academic success. The research supports the belief that a healthy co-parent relationship is a privilege which benefits a child overall wellbeing. The concluded answer for effective parenting is “one responsible, caretaking adult who has a positive emotional connection to them and with whom they have a consistent relationship.” Good parenting is not exclusive towards gender, but to an adult’s power to provide a balanced family structure.


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