The Emergence of a New Cold War: Implications and Challenges

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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The Emergence of a New Cold War: Implications and Challenges

Recent global events hint at a resurgence of Cold War-like tensions, with new players and altered dynamics. Technological advancements, cyber warfare, and regional conflicts have redefined the challenges. This new phase demands a fresh understanding of global politics and the lessons from the past. On PapersOwl, there’s also a selection of free essay templates associated with China topic.

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On October 4th, 2018 a speech was given in the Hudson Institute, the think tank and research center dedicated to nonpartisan analysis of United States and international economic, security, and political issues (Hudson Institute), in Washington D.C., Maryland. Vice President Mike Pence, addressed a speech to China’s leaders/government.

Pence formally addressed the matter that there will be a new, tougher approach toward Beijing. Pence’s speech was very straightforward, surprising Beijing of the ‘alleged offenses’ in only one public indictment, speaking about the suspected interference with American politics and China’s cutting off the freedoms for its own people.

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Both of which definitely should have been discussed in private. Pence also talked about the collision that almost happened last week in the South China Sea between a Chinese warship and an American destroyer (Perlez, 2018). This speech raged China’s leaders making them very upset with the United States and the Trump Administration. Pence and the Trump Administration went out publicly with confrontational language that is very offensive in the Chinese culture during the speech. Publicly China stated that the speech was ‘ridiculous’ and made clear that no one can stop the Chinese people from advancing (Perlez, 2018).

China’s leaders are now declaring Pence’s speech as ‘the start to a new cold war’ (Perlez, 2018). China could react by adding a lot more money on to their armed forces, which they do not spend a lot on now as it is. The International Institute for Strategic Studies said last year that

Asian countries combined spent about 25 percent more than China on their militaries, and that the United States spent four times what China did on its armed forces (Perlez, 2018). China’s military budget is almost 2 times lower than the United States military budget, which quite frankly, is saying a lot. China is trying to be more self reliant, not wanting support from anyone.

Because of Pence’s speech, and the Chinese leaders having a dispute about it, President Trump no longer supports his friendship with Mr. Xi and vice versa. Also because of the speech the Chinese government censored out the disruptive content, and had minimal views. Australia being in the same boat as America, see China as a threat. Australia sees China as a threat because they believe the Chinese government is trying to meddle in Australian colleges. They also recognized that a few Chinese businessmen have made multiple donations to political campaigns in Australia. Mike Pence’s harsh speech is more than likely to make Australia strike on a similar harsh speech.

In conclusion, when Mike Pence made his speech he sparked multiple discussions on the likelihood of China being responsible for multiple things. I think that he made this speech to warn Beijing of what is to come in the future. Even though it made China’s government and leaders mad, no matter what the United States does to try and apologize for any misleading statements I think China will strike back in bigger and better ways. Possibly through their military, declaring a war against the United States, taking out funds they have invested in through the United States, or making a powerful speech right back at Pence and the Trump Administration. They are a powerful country with many secret tactics against others. Pence should definitely consider the consequences before making such a powerful speech so public.ReferencesPerlez, J. (2018, October 05). Pence’s China Speech Seen as Portent of ‘New Cold War’.


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