Cold War in China, Cold War in Cuba, and Space Race

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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While the US and USSR were primary actors in the Cold War, other countries, notably China and Cuba, played crucial roles in shaping the conflict. China’s own ideological rift with the USSR and Cuba’s proximity to the US added complexity to the global power dynamics. The space race, meanwhile, symbolized technological and ideological supremacy, driving competition between superpowers to new frontiers. Also at PapersOwl you can find more free essay examples related to China topic.

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Today, I’m going to write a research paper about, Origins of the cold war, Cold War in China, Cold War in Cuba, and Space Race. These four topics are all related to the horrible tragedies that happened during the Cold War. A lot of families suffered during this war. A lot of the soldiers have died during this war. I will start off with my first topic, which is Origins of the Cold War. I hope you enjoy reading my paper and learn new history.

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Origins of the Cold War After WWII, USA and USSR were the two superpower countries out of all the other countries. Around 1945, the two countries began to gain distrust and hostility from each other. They hated each other so much; they entered into a cold war. The United States wanted to spread democracy and capitalism. Meanwhile, The Soviet Union wanted to spread communism. The first communist gov’t was Lenin. He led the Bolsheviks in 1917.With so much distrust, the US sent their troops to war with the red army in the Russian Civil War. Lenin died and Joseph Stalin was the new dictator of the Soviet Union.

A lot of tension increased between the U.S. and the USSR during WWII. The whole time, Stalin didn’t have any trust in the US nor Britain. The US noticed this and decided to be a rival to the USSR. They decided to fight to turn countries to democratic or to communist. The two Countries fought in many places and began involving other countries into the war. Most of Europe were the main places the US and USSR had their wars. That’s how it all began with the Cold War.Cold War In China The Cold War gradually escalated all over Europe from 1945 to 1991. The US used three strategies to contain Europe. The three strategies were NATO, Marshall Plan, and the Truman Doctrine. These strategies failed and communism took over China, Korea, and Vietnam in Asia. Throughout this time, most of the European nation gained a lot of power and began claiming and exploring colonies. Soon the Republic of China was created and was run over by Sun-Yat-Sen. A Chinese leader, Chiang Kai-Shek, took over China for dictatorship. It was a major challenge between communist and democratic in China. When Chiang Kai-Shek was ruling over China as a dictatorship, the Chinese leader, Mao Zedong, continued to make China a communist state. He convinced a lot of poor peasants to join his party by giving them land.

The Nationalist decided to battle with the communist to gain control over China. After the war in 1949, Chiang’s gov’t set up in Taiwan after the communist took over China. Mao started creating the Peoples’ Of China. This continued until Mao created the Great Leap Forward for his people.Cold War In Cuba During the Cold war in Cuba, it was a tragic time for the Cuban people. In 1962, the Soviet Union and the USA were nearly close to a nuclear conflict. The US tried to overthrow the Castro regime. Suddenly, they failed. The Soviet Union made a secret agreement with Cuba to have Soviet missiles in Cuba just in case the US come towards their territory.Even though The US did not go into their territory, they had nuclear bombs inside of Cuba. The US turned Cuba into a Nationalist state. The Soviet Union turned most of Europe a communist country. The USA suddenly was afraid of communism spreading in America. These two countries were so close to going into a nuclear war, they were almost in the midst of destroying Cuba. If that happened, Cuba would’ve been under in serious need to bring back the State.

Space Race During the year of 1957, the USSR decided to come up with an idea to make the USA feel behind. They decided to create the first satellite and send it to space. They called this satellite Sputnik. When the US saw the satellite, they were shocked and decided to create their first NASA group. Many people wanted to work with the NASA group; so they started to go to school to learn about math, science, and of course, technology. The USSR wanted the USA to feel more behind, so they decided to launch their first astronaut into space; orbiting the moon. The US could not believe that the USSR was beating them in science and technology. President Kennedy decided to gather a lot of scientists and technology people to beat the Soviet Union by sending the first spaceship to the moon. In 1969, the US successfully beat the Soviet Union in the race. They created their new spaceship the, Apollo II, in order for them to succeed in going to the moon. This great significance was a good opportunity for astronauts to go into space today.

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