The Efficacy of the Heightened Security Measures in the Cities of the United States in Celebration of the Tenth Anniversary Weekend of 9/11 Tragedy

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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On September 9, 2011, an article by Eric Schmitt and Scott Shane was published in the New York Times about heightened security measures taking effect in United States cities to prepare for the tenth anniversary weekend of 9/11. Along with the fact that a notebook found within the compound of Osama bin Laden mentioned a possible terrorist attack to take place this weekend, recent information from a Middle East informant has led US authorities to take extra precautions.

The only information known is that there may have been a plot by Al Qaeda to take place in America and that the two Arab-Americans who may have been suspected had recently returned to the United States from Afghanistan.

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While officials are having difficulty tracking down the suspects, New York and Washington have both taken actions to search subways, bridges and vehicles for bombs. Several officers involved in the investigation have voiced the opinion that while it could turn out to be inaccurate, the vague threat is one that must be taken seriously, especially at a time like this. Another possibility is that Al Qaeda allowed these statements to be “leaked” for the purpose of scaring Americans.

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City emphasized the importance of going on with our everyday lives as usual: “… don’t let the terrorists take away our rights without any terrorism.” He assured the people that every effort is being made to investigate and prevent this threat. At a time when Americans are already experiencing an uncertain but ominous fear throughout their own country, it makes sense that terrorists would recognize a prime opportunity to provoke terror. This fear exists only because of them, and they feel that they have a chance to once again win a moment of glory by making Americans feel uncomfortable in their own homes. However, as Mayor Bloomberg underscored, the goal of a terrorist is to limit our lives, infringe on our rights, and induce fear. We make it too easy for them if we panic and hide when no attack is actually happening.

Al Qaeda has created an unseen but recognized emotional strain on the citizens of the United States by exploiting their vulnerability once and suggesting that they could do it again. As a nation, we need to demonstrate that we will not be controlled by terror. If they were truly planning an attack, why would they let Americans know about it beforehand? The terrorists want to prove that they can make us afraid without actually doing anything.

We should rely on our government for protection, trusting that they are doing everything possible to ensure our security this weekend and provide us with peace of mind. The main difference between this supposed plot and the 2001 attack is that we, the people, have prior knowledge of this threat, unlike last time when we were caught off guard. That was one of the most traumatic aspects: not knowing what was happening. However, we have learned from the past. We should take pride in living in a country where our government goes to great lengths to ensure our safety, and at the same time, we should show our enemies that they will have to work much harder to infringe on our freedom.

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