My Ideas of a Fun Weekend and why it is Important

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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I believe that stressing out is a waste of time. Ever since I started sixth grade one year ago I have had to deal with a lot of stress. When I go to bed at night, I worry about things that are going to happen far into the future and things that have already happened that I wish I could change. In sixth grade, I didn’t get stressed out that often, but now that I’m in seventh-grade things have changed and there is a lot more stress I have to deal with. There is always so many assignments and papers that I have to do, and tests that I have to study for. I feel like It’s never-ending. It’s like as soon as I hand in a paper or take a test I’m so happy and relieved that It’s over, but a few days later there is another paper due and another test coming up. At the moment I’m worrying about the Chinese book that is due on December 21st, this essay, and the test on Math Algebraic word problems after the winter break. I have been stressing out about these things so much that I haven’t even thought about what I’m going to do over the weekend. In fact, I’m likely going to be stressing out about all this stuff over the weekend too!

There are too many times to count that I have spent so much stressing out about things that I haven’t enjoyed doing fun things with my family. There was one-time last year in sixth grade that I stressed out so much that I was feeling miserable, and a bit depressed. That was when I had to jump off the diving board for the diving unit in the gym. I had never jumped off a diving board before, and I’m scared of heights. I was stressing out for two whole weeks. I was so miserable I didn’t even enjoy the weekend!

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But I understand that rest is not just a passive state and lack of movement, rest is also an activity that can be beneficial. What is the difference between rest and work or study? It may differ in everything or in nothing, much depends on how a person personally perceives these processes. After all, there is a concept called active rest, which implies the presence of physical activity. During rest, it is not necessary to sleep, which, by the way, is also useful, but you should not endlessly engage in such a process, you can walk, listen to music, read, dance, etc. During this time whenever I remembered something funny that was going to do with my family I said to myself “I’m really looking forward to that!” and then I would remember. So everything is in my hands and I myself can have fun on the weekend.

I remember that day I decided to have rest, I really liked the horses. On Sundays, there are many people in the park, everyone walks with whole families. We also often take our grandparents with us for a walk. They are very active with me and they like to spend time with us, walk a lot and travel everywhere. During the fun weekend, we walked and ate ice cream, collected beautiful leaves for the herbarium. I also want to try another pastime like playing football or golf. Another dream is to spend a fun weekend in the mountains. I am sure that this dream will definitely come true.

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