Relationship between Fidel Castro and Che Guevara

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Over the years, revolutions have been documented down to the vagest details. In researching the relationship between Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, along with the revolution they took part in, I realized how many ways it could have been interpreted. Their relationship along with the revolution was documented through, journals, letters, online articles, manuscripts, and interviews. Through several articles, many authors wrote on behalf of their biest opinions. However, there were many truths that these authors shared in common.

The war between Cuba and the United States generally began in 1898, December 10.

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The day that the US and Spain signed a Treaty of Paris. Due to this Treaty, Spain had to give Guam and Puerto Rico up to the United States. Along with Puerto Rico and Guam, the Philippines was sold to the United States for $20 million. Seeing as how now the U.S. owned these countries, they weren’t too focused on the others they already had power over. The U.S. had control over Cuba since 1903, and yet, they weren’t to concerned with the people that occupied the country, rather more the mines that were located there. (U.S. Department of State)

After the Treaty / Platt Amendment was signed, in 1933 Batista ran for president. It has been said that he cheated and rigged the election by forming the “Sergeants Revolt”. Because of this, Gerardo Machado and Marales were replaced and Batista grew to be the most powerful man in Cuba. Eventually, Batista was no longer in power and chose to run again for presidency in 1952. Though everyone in Cuba welcomed him with open arms, he returned as a “Brutal dictator” and “controlled the university”. (Britannica)

Because of Batista’s “BRUTALITY”, Castro decided to run against him. Batista didn’t want to lose so he attempted to sabotage the election once again. Castro and his group of rebels put an end to it after attacking in 1958. Castro attempted to bring Batista to court for his crimes, though it seemed as though Batista had the odds in his favor. Castro failed at his attempt to cort and imprison Batista for his crimes and resorted to a revolution to settle the “injustice”.

The revolution wasn’t an immediate success. It started off with a group of 140 rebels and a limited number of weapons. Not only were they not properly equipped for this sort of matter, the execution of the first attack was a fail. The rebels were sent out to play out their roles in different cars. Two cars had gotten lost on the way to their destination and there were technical difficulties with transportation with one of the other cars. When a group of rebels finally arrived, there were two patrolling men caught them disarming some of their fellow soldiers and completely threw off their attack. They had to shoot at the opposing “team” before they had planned to. Because of this many rebels were injured, arrested and many were forced to flee.

Castro, along with his brother Raul were arrested and put on trail. While Castro was on trial, Batista used this as an opportunity to gain publicity. Catro used this to his advantage and chose to not only take pride in what he did but also come after/ attack the government. At this point was when his famous quote “History will absolve me 1” was born. He was the sentences to 15 years behind bars. Batista, trying to seem like a “reasonable”, “Good guy” to the public, he released several prisoners, Castro among them. As soon as he and his fellow rebels were released, they moved to Mexico. (Christopher Minser)

In 1955, Mexico, Castro met an Argentine doctor named Ernesto Guevara, aka ‘Che’. Not too long after meeting, the two got along swimmingly. Che grew fascinated with Castro’s views. After having a long and personally conversation, Castro invited Che to join his “movement”.(Al Jazeera) hile the two were planning for the revolution, Mexican security finds out and arrested them both. Castro is then released before Che is and her promises Che that he will get him out. When Castro fulfills his promise, this brings them closer. (Al Jazeera)

After the revolution is proven a success in 1959, Batista was ruined. Due to humiliation and defeat, Batista then fled to Dominican Republic (D.R.) with his family the following year. According to Britannica, Batista went into exile on Madeira, a Portugues Island, not too long after moving to D.R. (Britannica) While Castro was now in power he had many new plans on his mind. Not only was he focussed on “better” he also had his eyes on bigger.

For the longest time, the USSR (Soviet Union) really just stayed put. They were basically minding their own business. Castro eventually grew obsessed with them. Seeing as how he was going to war against the U.S., he figured that because he need warfare machinery, the Soviets would fit the bill.Not only was Castro going to gain something out of aligning with the USSR, so were they. Seeing as how they wanted to gain control over the Western Hemisphere, they thought it would be a perfect opportunity to do so. To “seal the deal”, USSR agreed to purchase sugar from Cuba in exchange for Soviet oil. The U.S. did not approve of this “agreement” between the two, and, in fact, say it as a btrail. Because of this, The United States personally asked US companies in Cuba to rebuke any oil imported from the Soviets. (PBS)

I personally feel as though this is a just petty rivalry. I feel as though when there is someone who thinks too strongly in their own beliefs and hasn’t really shown positive changes in ANYTHING they have done, it is not smart to appoint them as head of Chief of Toiletry, let alone the well-being of a country. Warfare and Gaining power over countries honestly has nothing to do with people’s well being. It is about greed and power. The world would honestly be a better place if people put aside their greed and ignorance and chose to focus on more important things. On top of that, sometimes things could been done for a good cause and end up becoming things that they shouldn’t have. For example, Castro went against Batista because he was not the “right fit for the job”, per say. After gaining power, however, her neglected his original values and goals just to stay in power. Sometimes too much of a “good thing” can lead to negativity. War can be something that is done for a good reason. To end something terrible, but it tends to lead to worst situations.

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