The Basketball Seasons

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The school year had just began as usual at this time of the year. The leafs were starting to change colors, the end of summer was just a memory. Everyone was just starting to get into the habit of having to wake up early. The kids that played any type of sports activity there main concern was the season. All she can think of sitting in math class on this windy day was a quote her 5th grade teacher once used “The trick in life is to learn how to deal with it” she quoted that from Helen Mirren.

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As the basketball season came to a start she was getting anxious because she was playing with teammates that she had never played with before. In ways, the first couple of practices are the most stressful for both the coach and the team. Coaches still aren’t sure what they’re getting into, and for the some it’s like the first day at school. As she walks down the hallway each step getting closer to the girls locker room all she can think of is. What if they don’t like me? What if my style of play is Compatible With theirs … it was just a disaster. She started to over think that maybe she shouldn’t join this year but she wanted to play and be on a team so bad she can taste it. She had trained for this all summer long, instead of hanging out with her friends and family she spent her time in the gym at the local YMCA to train as hard as she could so she can get better. There is some days she wanted to give up but she always remembered her mom told her that in life there’s success and failure but you choose your own. The first couple weeks she was still adjusting to her new teammates and her new coach But, overall she was enjoying the overall experience. This season started out a little slow but her stats were at an all time high… Mid seasons with six games left in the season this game she felt that she had to win to prove to everyone that she had worked hard for what She dreamt of. Tonight was the night they faced there biggest competition “Longwood”. She wasn’t very sure why they were in their biggest competition but she knew that her team had to prove something.

The first quarter started off to a rocky start the score was 10-11 she had only been on the court for 4 minutes but she had played like if it was her last game. The coach subbed her out she didn’t quite understand why because they had the led but, it wasn’t just her playing her teammates also needed a chance to play. 2nd quarter came around there was only six minutes left on the shot clock. The score was 30-34 her team was up by 4, you can see the sweat dripping off the coaches bold head. He called all the starters to the court the game plan was if you see an opening take your shot. He sounded like he trusted everyone and maybe that is what they needed to end up with the win. As she was dribbling the ball down the court and her teammates were moving around the court trying to find an opening she looked up at the shot clock there was 6 minutes left on the clock the score was still 34-30. As her teammates Try disperly to find an opening there was an she stopped in her tracks viewing her surroundings. You can see the look in her eyes between looking at the shot clock and her teammates she had found her opening she went up for a layup. As the crowd goes silent in a blink of an eye from cheering to gasps she couldn’t get back up she had landing wrong. As the couches run on the court to check on what just took place out of know where paramedics show up to the scene. She had to be rolled out on a wheelchair, all she wanted was for someone to explain to her what just happened. She must’ve been in completely shocked.

As they brought her to the nurses office her dad was already piecing back and fourth waiting to hear the verdict. They were told they she needed to go to the hospital or an orthopedic specialist because she needed an X-ray but most likely she needed to have an MRI done in order to get a better view and understanding. The following day that was the first thing on the todo list. After cervail hours of waiting to get the results they had finically informed everyone that she had a high ankle sprain she would be out 6-10 weeks. She was going to miss the remainder of the season. She had felt as if her whole world had just come down, she felt as if she had let everyone down by not playing. While those first weeks were not easy on her all she keep saying to herself was “ I have to get back on the court sooner then later”. All she could do now is focus on passing school but she felt as if something was missing. While her team were out fighting for wins each and ever game she cheered them on, she was able to let her teammates know what they could have improved on. Even thought she couldn’t play with them her teammates made her feel apart of the team in every way possible.

From the beginning of the recovery process she had a positive mindset all through the end. From this experience she was able to realize that in life there’s success and failure but, she was able to chose her own path.She showed everyone that even when life kicks you down you get right back up and brush your shoulders because she couldn’t accept not trying.

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