Why People Love to Play Basketball?

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Have you ever wondered why people shoot a basketball different and do better? Well you will learn why people have different shooting positions in the game of basketball. You will also learn other interesting things about basketball. Such as who invented basketball, the different positions of the people in the game of basketball, and why do people not shoot one hundred percent. To find the answer to these questions you will have to keep reading to find out.

Basketball is a sport of two teams, of five players. Each team tries to score on the opponents goal which is elevated and ten feet high. The teams score by shooting the ball in the basket. The court is normally a rectangle and is often played indoors.

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The inventor of basketball is James Naismith. He created the game by shooting a ball into a peach basket. The sport was invented around December of 1891. The first women’s game of basketball was played in 1893 at Smith College in Massachusetts.

The point guard should be the best ball handler, also the point guard does most of the dribbling. The center is the tallest person normally, on your team. The shooting guard is on the outside of the three point line and is one of the best shooters on the team. The power forward is underneath the basket and helps the center block the player for there team to score. The small forward helps the point guard out with passing the ball and screening.

A basketball is more likely to go in from a three point line at a forty five degree shot, under twenty miles per hour. To shoot a good shot that has a chance to go in the ball must be released above thirty three degrees. The ball also as a good chance of going in if you put a back spin on the ball.

The game of basketball revolves around physics. To play basketball you have to apply force on the ball. Without doing so the ball would stay at a constant speed, which is zero. Therefore you could not score and beat the other team.

The scoring in the game of basketball is simple. There is an arc and if you make it outside of the arc your team earns three points. If your team scores inside the arc your team gets two points. When a player takes a shot and gets fouled during the shot then that player goes to the free throw line. If that person makes the shot then it counts as one point.

The court people play on is around twenty-eight meters long and fifteen meters wide. The distance from the three point line from the rim on a national basketball association is twenty three feet and nine inches. The court is smaller for each level like college it is twenty feet and nine inches.

In the National Basketball Association and college there is a shot clock. The team will have twenty four seconds to shoot the ball, the shot clock resets every time the ball hits the rim the shot clock resets.

A foul is when a person commits an act soch as a reaching foul. The referies blow the whistle and that stops the play in order for the person keeping score to write your number. When you get a technical foul you are out of the game you can commit this foul by unsportsman like conduct. Commiting a foul sometimes is not at all your fault, sometimes the person on offense draws a foul by going under your arm to draw the contact forcing the foul.

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