The American Revolution and Effects in a Socioeconomic Situation

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A revolution is a movement that is designed to effect core changes in a socioeconomic situation. Many revolutions have happened over years ranging from unimpressive to memorable such as the american revolution and many others .Over the years, many people have learned different viewpoints/opinions of the revolution and if it should stand by being called a revolution. Before the american revolution was in full motion, in 1775 tension between colonist and British authorities had already been rising.In my opinion, the american revolution was not that revolutionary, although imperial monarchy being overthrown was a big event, paradigms like representation,equality,and property rights were not affected like they should have been.

First off, Lack of representation in parliament was one of the main reasons that colonist began to rebel because it violated many of the colonist rights as british citizens.

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Secondly, the word equality means the right of different groups of people to be treated the same. In the american revolution equality was not interpreted like it should’ve been. In the declaration of independence it says We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. What’s irrational about this is that about 30% of america’s population were slaves at that time and certainly were not treated the same as wealthy white males. In addition, Thomas jefferson was the one who wrote this line and he owned slaves and even fought against the government because they said they would free slaves who supported it! So how can one say that all men will have equal rights but only let those who are white and rich have those rights. Moreover, white men who didn’t own enough land nor had a lot of money were treated equally to slaves, and even women were forgotten when writing the declaration of independence. Ultimately, the government was of, for, and by about less than 15% of the population. Even after the revolution, it did not undo that males were more superior than women. As time goes on, after the revolution in pennsylvania there was a new constitution written and then voting rights came up. It was a good time for the free white men because they could now vote without having to pay taxes or own property, but once again women and people of color were pushed to the side. Next came democratization, it did not go in full motion for white men until the age of jackson so you can only image that women and people of color would take much longer. Eventually after decades and decades women and slaves gained equality. For women the Seneca Falls Convention held from July 19th-20th in 1848 was a huge event because it was a meeting organized by Elizabeth Cady Stanton for women’s suffrage. They fought for more than seven decades to have the same social,civil, and religious rights as men which in my opinion is ridiculous cause this was after the revolution that fought for liberty and freedom for everyone when it was really only for wealthy white men. Lastly, slavery wasn’t abolished until 1865 but even then they still didn’t have as many rights like many other people did.

Following up is property rights. The articles of confederation gave the government no power at all to tax, in which caused people who had property were able to keep it because they did not have to pay the government to own it. Ironically, the people who wrote and signed the declaration of independence were white guys who owned a lot of property. Moreover, the white guys that who controlled production in lands and overall land before the american revolution were the same white guys who controlled it after the revolution. Unfortunately, property was an important way to gain more rights and freedom. For example, if you wanted the right to vote or right to freedom of speech it was key to have property or else you really wouldn’t have the rights. In the founding era, defenses of property rights began along justice and efficacy. So at this time it would be wrong to contravene on one’s property fulfilling the justice part but even then you still had no purpose if you had no land. The ideology of property is what the rich can posses and the poor lack. It is said that The majestic equality of the laws…forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal their bread, which shows how the rich and the poor are divided moreover, shows how equality wasn’t what equality is supposed to be. Obviously it was fixed overtime but why wait to fix something when it could be solved faster and not have tons of people not being able to vote or not have any unalienable rights because they lacked property and forced to pay taxes.

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