Stress at Workplace

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Stress at Workplace

This essay will discuss the issue of stress in the workplace. It will explore its causes, effects on employees’ health and productivity, and strategies that organizations can implement to reduce workplace stress. Also at PapersOwl you can find more free essay examples related to Depression.

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Stress is something which occurs or disturbs someone’s mind whether we are rich or poor it doesn’t matter the person is having wealth so it’s free from stress. Stress is a thing which takes place when others demands exceed our limitations when someone expects something favourable or of some high expectations within a short period of time and putting pressure to complete or touch their limitations than its harmful for our physical as well for our mental health too.

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It’s really good to touch the lines of success but more pressure on the mind may cause depression and many other harmful diseases which would cause some serious problems to health.


High workloads

High workloads matter a lot in every workplace because if we work at a specific workplace every leader have their own specific skills to achieve success. So in this case, they put more pressure on their employees to do the particular work in the given time. For instance: one agency has 20 employees working at the same conditions but suddenly supervisor came and ask them to complete 2000 picking in the given specific time which comes very tough as well competition among the other members.

Wrong or ineffective management

Moreover, when we start work we have to check or we can say that the management should be supportive because if the supervisor let their employees down than it comes very unprofessional and seem very unproductive.


Employment participation:

If one of the employees have stress then he/she would put their steps back from the competitions as well they will not interact with other employees as well they can leave behind every possible opportunity regarding with success.

Impact on health:

This comes on the top because if someone has tension about work or work-related issues it comes hazardous to health like depression, insomnia, fatigue, muscular tension which affects someone’s personal and professional growth.


Stay organized:

No matter you are in stress or something else you have to be organized well know that what you have to do in the upcoming days and need more productiveness to do work in the particular time.

Be clear on the requirements:

If your supervisor gave something to do in the specific time and it seems hard for you to have to consult as well talk with your leader regarding to their requirement talk with them that what they are expecting from you.


Last week at my workplace I found one guy suffering from the stress I talked with him and try to know about the reason behind his stress than after some time I come to know that he is under the pressure of work than I talked with him 2-3 minutes and give him positive thoughts and influence him giving such type of examples of professional business person. Moreover, I give him surety that if you face any kind of difficulty while doing or completing this task comes straight to me. Furthermore, we also explain each and everything related to that task so that it comes easy for him to understand that what he has to do and what we expect from him so that it becomes easy for both the organization and for the employee too.


At last I would like to say that stress is dangerous so we have to be alert from this. If we have some confusions consult with our senior employees and make their work easy otherwise it cause damage to both the organization’s success as well harm the personal health and damage the professional carrier of a person.

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