September 11th 2001 Attack

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Updated: Apr 03, 2023
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The attack of September 11th 2001 was one that really shock America. It left many people dead and other wounded. The total number of people who died in the attack was 2,996 while those got serious injuries were more than 6000. People who died in the incidence included those who were in the building, outside, firefighters and also some terrorists. It was a shock to many people how so many people could die within a very short period of time. The impact of the attack has remained even up to today and there are some people who suffer from problems and diseases that are associated with this attack.

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The total number of people who died due to the effects of the attack is higher as compared to those who died in the attack. Many people have been diagnosed with such conditions such as depression, mental illnesses and cancer which are all due to the effects of the attack. There were very few people who managed to escape the incident. This essay is a narration of events as they took place that day by a survivor who was in the twin towers. The witness was a worker whose office was at the 81st floor of the World Trade Center. He has reported at work that day as usual aiming to make the best out of the day. He had reached at the office quarter to 8 where he took his coffee as usual before starting working on his program for the day.

People were doing their normal activities as he recalls since he could even remember how people were complaining about Bank of America which had just started sharing the floor but was putting up notices that people should ensure that the bathrooms were clean. It did not take them long before they heard what seems to be like a huge earthquake. Everyone in the floor was alert to listen what that was but it was not long before they all realized that they were in danger. It all started at 8.48am.As it is explained by the survivor, there were some parts of the building which were on fire before he and others decided to run towards the escalator only to realize that it was no more. They had to use the stairs and be as fast as possible so that they could come out safely.

At this point everyone was wondering what was happening and whether it would continue and worsen the situation. As he was swiftly moving down the stairs, the narrator was able to see dead bodies that lied down with each part of the body being apart. He then realized that the impact of the planes was so much to leave those people in the situation he saw them in. some people were even trying to escape by jumping down the building but their trials would go wrong and end up hitting the windows of the building living it all bloody. This was an incidence that was so shocking to him and too many others. Many would not even get the courage to move on after seeing all the dead bodies lying down. The police and the fire fighters were always seen trying to rescue people with broken limps and others severely burned. Although this was discouraging, he knew that he had to find a way out of the building for the sake of his family.

As he was wondering whether it was over or just the beginning, he heard a crack sound which after confirming, was his building that was falling down. Within a blink of an eye, it was all on him. After some few minutes he was able to wake and there and then he was thankful that he was alive although he was covered by total darkness and could not see where he would go. But after crawling for some time he realized that he was not alone and luckily he was with one of the fire fighters who together found a way out. As he was walking out, he thought of the number of people who dies that day and could not believe it. He would meet people who kept on asking how he was because from the way he looked he needed help.

He was filled with dust and blood which was not from him but from the people who died around him. At this point he thought that he was okay until after some time he realized that he was experiencing some pain whenever he looked at bright faces. After he was checked by the doctor, 147 fiberglass splinters were extracted from his eyes living him on glasses. Although he faced such a bad experience, his family stood by him and helped him recover from the tragedy. He thanked God that he was alive while there were several others who died.

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