Sense of Political and Religious Tension

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Updated: May 27, 2021
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Sense of Political and Religious Tension essay

“In the midst of the article, you captured a sense of political and religious tension. For example,“It was believed that crusaders particularly expressed their love of God in the way they became literally followers of Christ.” Smith goes into further detail explaining that joining their expedition and/or following christ gave them more reason to crusade among those who don’t carry the cross. Christian holy wars from the crusaders became a popular event. Crusader historian Jonathan Riley-Smith, notes the crusaders strong love with God, would give them any reason to die For God, and anyone who doesn’t share similar beliefs are contradicting their entire idea. “If God underwent death for man, ought man to question dying for god.” The appearance of God and other religious deities being the cause of many crusades will always spark controversy, to historians and those who enjoy reading history.

Riley-Smith truly uncovers the “crusaders” crusading as an act of love for God, among people who don’t follow what they essentially believed in. Among crusaders, the christian tradition on violence, covered the role of love, for those who didn’t believe in God, and/or enemies , they naturally used force. The idea of Love proposed in the article was presented by crusaders, christians of all ages sacred violence but cannot be “proposed on any grounds save that of love” Riley-Smith mentioned that he believed that crusaders expressed their affection and mass expression for God, in which they figuratively took on a follower of Christ. Initially they were treated as “followers of christ”, the crusaders also despised free will, downplaying those who thought freely and had justified reasons to treat those who opposed their views with violence, Riley-Smith also noted that those whom “love restrained” were less numerous in the world , of those who were restrained by terror.

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Crusading was deeply tied to idea of christian love, since love is considered to be one of the most christian virtues, crusaders knew what true love, even if other christians had different ideas. Crusaders had a strong love of God and neighbor. Riley-Smith deciphers a crusaders readings, saying that their not truly christian, and their love is one dimensional. “ Love of neighbour was always treated in crusade propaganda in terms of fraternal love for fellow christians…never in terms of love shown for enemies as well as friends.” Christ has denounced vengeance and other hateful acts, including crusading. The earliest of crusades engaged in a sacrificial effort to give christ his aid of suffering back to him and fellow christ worshipping christians. The act of love came with an expensive cost, meaning life and continue fighting for Christ, or death, dying for your sins and Christ, as christ died for you.

“Indeed penalties could be imposed on those who killed out of hate and not out of zeal for justice.” This recanting by Riley-Smith, noting that this was an exercise for Christian forbearance, infact, christian interference among non believers of christ ruled out necessary fighting. But for love physical correction was necessary. Riley-Smith understands that crusading was perceived as defensive, rather than as an offensive effort in religious warfare for believers of Christ. Regaining lands that have once been walked by Christ will be won over forever for christianity, life, death, and the resurrection of Christ. Riley-Smith crusading analysis may have been justified as an act of love even though he found no striking indication that he found no substantial evidence on the relationship between reform and scared violence. “ as manifestations of Christian love, the crusades were as much of the products of the renewed spirituality of the central middle ages…” Even if casualty is not inevitable for those who participated in crusades, crusades represented a divine affair for Christ, his believers and following the rules of his life, and giving him all the praise. These Crusades were lead by Christians who primarily wanted complete control over sites they considered holy and sacred. For Christian love (caritas), ones neighbor could fuel desire for revenge against muslims and others. Muslims also being another and important catalyst to ancient crusades, offering a wide-range disposal of religion, violence, aggression, evangelism, and emotion all in one thought of following Christ and everything he stood and died for.

This disposal provided a great deed for the crusading movement among european Christians appealing to increasing believers of Christ and prominence among the crusading movement. Riley-Smith examining Christians and their conquest for crusading as an act of love may differ from their actual intent of imposing force among those who weren’t anything like the crusaders. Riley-Smith notes that “the appearance of religious dedication was bound to lead to controversy”(pg. 39) In every aspect of a crusaders life, Christ was the ultimate choice in right from wrong, and life and death. This phenomenon Riley Smith developed which crusading being an act of love became increasingly popular among places where crusades occurred historically. Many of the crusades performed provided a perfect opportunity to gain redemption from suffering and worship a sacrificial being, many of the crusaders would face many hardships, fighting battlers across continents and in others home territory. Riley-Smith suggested that basis of the crusades came from Bible scripture Luke 14:27 “Whosoever doth not carry his cross and come after me cannot be my disciple.” Even the mass loss, bloodshed, and hard fought battles, to this day Crusaders would agree that they crusading as an act of love.

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