Selena Quintanilla Perez: the Queen of Tejano Music

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She was known as the queen of Tejano music.An icon that is irreplaceable.She was one of the first female artists to succeed.She touched many Tejano hearts.She made many incredible records and dreamed of pursuing all of her goals.Selena Quintanilla is well known because,of her great vocals,unique dance moves,and sadly the way she died.

Known as “ The queen of Tejano music” Selena was one of the first female performers to succeed.Selena always put her heart and passion into her music.She conquered the hearts of many Tejano and Latin Americans. Selena was a successful singer fashion designer and entrepreneur.Although she was a great artist she was also a role model to many fans.

Selena was a great student in school “what I remember is that big smile Selena had a perky personality she was happy she had a good attitude. Children who have a very cheerful up personality frequently do go on to influence people,and that’s the strength. I saw in Selena “Selena’s first grade teacher once said. Selena began school at Oran M Roberts Elementary in Lake Jackson. She was an excellent student. She was easy to get along with. She had an eager to learn but was always getting pulled out of class because of her commitment to the band, so when Selena was in eighth grade she dropped out of school and began a home school program, and finished her school there. By the time Selena was a teenager she was already a professional artist. Although she was rising She still helped her family earn a living even tho it was a hard time during her years she would say that she didn’t mind. Selena was never allowed to party or to have a boyfriend.

While Selena was growing up oil prices dropped heavily many people lost their jobs and many more people had to manage the way they spent their money. So going out to eat was more of a luxury and since Selena’s family owned a restaurant they went bankrupt and soon lost their home and restaurant in less than a year . “ that’s when we began our musical career”Selena once explain to a news reporter.(Salem, 2013 ) so Selena’s family set off to Corpus Christi and started performing at special events. Selena was from a west side barrio in Corpus Christi. Selena became a symbol of hope for their own success. She had to do a lot for her family and community.’ she never acted like the big star she was and she always spoke of wanting to have a family and children’’(Olga, March 27,2005 ). Selena was always so humble she never bragged about what she had or the much success she had as a music artist her father managed her band her brother,sister, and husband all played in the band they all lived in houses next to each other. Selena won many Grammy awards Selena knew how it felt to be at the bottom of everything that’s why she never liked to brag and was a very humble person.

‘’ as Selena once herself described it it’s got polka init a little bit of country a little bit of jazz fuse all those types of music together I think that’s where you get Tejano’’(Salem, 2013). Tejano means texas in Spanish a term to describe a certain style of music.played in southern Texas and along the borders of Mexico for almost 100 years she listens to this type of music in her childhood Tejano music is a modernized form of Conjunto above all Tejano music is dance music also called Tex-Mex music. “ Amor prohibido bidi bidi bam bam techno cumbia como la flor” . these are some of Selena’s top music and were all part of her last recordings before her death the album includes several cuts in English and two bilingual duets selling 175,00 copies on the first day of release .

Her albums got number 1 spot on billboard’s pop chart. Selena’s first English language release was a huge success. Many people thought Selena had the most amazing voice ever she could hit low notes and high notes perfectly her dad was a big help in her voice he pushed and compliment her voice every day and so she knew she had an amazing voice. Selena’s father was very controlling but he would like to say he is more overprotective than controlling. Selena never really got to be a party person. Like most teens, her parents were really strict Selena was a very attractive person everywhere she went people would get obsessed with her and her dad would see that so he would have to protect her from anyone trying to hurt her . Selena parents would allow her to get a little dancy during her performance but it was just for entertainment. According to many fans, she was a very nice entertainer.

Selena’s death was a tragedy to all her fans and unexpected chaos. Selena’s death was shard for many people because she inspired many and her voice was amazing she us a icon for many fans mostly young girls who were born after her death they see that selena was a woman who was proud of her roots and achieved many dream. She is still a remaining icon and a inspirations to many. Selena Quintanilla is famously known for singing dancing and actin. She is also known for her tragic death. She was in many Tejano hearts and remained an icon. She is an irreplaceable artit  


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