Importance of Watching Movies at Theater

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Theater is a collaborative type of compelling art that utilizes live entertainers to introduce the practice of a real or envisioned experience before a live gathering of people in a certain place. Entertainers may impart this experience to the group of audience through mixes of motion, speech, tune, music, and dances. Components of design and stagecraft are utilized to upgrade the physicality, presence and promptness of the experience. There are 5 sorts of theater and these are drama, musical, satire, tragedy, and act of spontaneity.

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(Theater, 2014) Over the course of time, it has been contended that theater has been a diminishing artistic expression.

It has been thought that to most people, theater isn’t very important. Some say, that it is cliché and that it’s just for entertainment. Theater is imperative to our general public because it shows us a genuine reality better than what is shown on general television. Theater started as a religious function that advanced into a work of art that instructs us about the genuine substance of life that has been around thousands and thousands of years ago. Theater can include different perceptions of the human condition that can rise above time. Exercises that are found in plays can in any case, still can be important to today’s society. Many people say that present day media is taking over the simple substance of theater. Theater has the ability to allow someone to be surprised of what is going to happen, the audience does not exactly know what to expect

The formation of theater is very important. This is because, without it, our movies and television in today’s world, would not exist. Our movies and television were all thought up through the help and existence from entertainment of theater. There are new types of shows and entertainment springing up constantly that substitutes the art of theater.

Furthermore, Shakespeare is a prime example of how theater proves its importance. According to Michael R. Olsson in “the play’s the thing: Theater professionals make sense of Shakespeare” he mentions “Shakespeare is widely acknowledged to be the single most influential author in the history of the English language. His work has been the object of centuries of literary and academic attention in fields as diverse as literary criticism, performance studies, history, philosophy, cultural anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, and psychology and his writings continue to have a profound effect on the everyday language use of billions around the globe”. He then goes on to say: “Productions of Shakespeare are a lens through which audiences can see reflected society’s constantly changing attitudes to love, war, family, jealousy, the supernatural, gender, and so on—how they define what it means to be human”. This demonstrates precisely how imperative theater is to this present reality. Theater is something that unites individuals; it needs an audience in order to be a performance. (Olsson, 273).

Implying that theater is a not important is basically saying that old styles of fashion isn’t important. Fashion keeps evolving everyday but, in some way, they keep recycling old fashion types. For example, women’s high waisted pants were a big thing in the 80s-90s, then low rise was the best thing. now high waisted pants are back around in a newer style; but it’s the same concept. This is exactly like the performance of theater. Theater is constantly being recycled. From schools making us read and learn about Shakespeare, to live poetry, concerts and stand-up comedy performances. It is all being recycled from the medieval theaters experience to new modern-day performances.

Theater is a test to our mental state and allows us to utilize our creative minds. theater allows us to enter into a place of pure creativity and imagination. As I would like to think, the specialty of theater is a standout amongst the most engaging components in a life. Theater doesn’t discriminate in any way. People from all walks of life can participate. This is one of the many pros of theater. Even a baby could be a part of theater and a performance.

Moreover, theater advises us that these performers are actual, real live individuals. It is anything but difficult to watch a motion picture or tune in to music and never truly consider the actual individual that is doing these things. When a person goes to a play or show a person sees how these individuals are real; they have blemishes, flaws and make mistakes. they are ordinary people. These performers don’t have special features to take out the mistakes or “bloopers” as one may say in movies. They let all their flaws some out and allow themselves to be true performers which is such a hard thing to do. Performers can’t just fake their facial expressions. They are told to embrace whatever they are feeling so that it can be exaggerated and very noticeable to the audience for them to understand.

Some say that today’s technology is why people may believe that theater isn’t as important as it once was back then. And also say that the only reason that theater has been around this long was because we had a lack of technology. The contention that performance theater can’t in any way, shape or form keep up in this modern world with things like YouTube and Netflix that give an inexpensive diversion in the consolation of someone’s home at any time they please, holds ground just if theaters and those engaged with making theater are not open to grasp the progressions that innovation brings. Although, this could help theater in some ways too. It is so easy for someone to now purchase a membership or lease multiple displays of live stage appearances. In addition to the fact that this helps individuals get to appearances, it can help theaters by urging more individuals to watch them. Someone could watch a show spontaneously and truly appreciate it and conclude that they need to see the performance live and face to face, and thus, theater gets more attention.

Essentially, Anna Neikirk states, “But has technology become the show? Have we lost what made theatre special from its inception? My project aims to answer this question. Separating theatre from the spectacle allows us as a society to have renewed hope that art and creativity can stand without technology and can make a lasting impact on the audience without exorbitant budgets.” Then Lyn Gardner, a British theater critic states, with innovation, things can all the more effectively turn out badly. Lyn Gardner says that if the show depends too intensely on innovation, it can make these performances drop totally because of lagging or glitching that as opposed to making the performance better, the technology has turned into the show. The capacity of theater needs to take something initially made a huge number of years prior and adjust it to fit in with the new modern world is extraordinary. For whatever length of time that there is a group of people that provides an audience, theater will never stop being important.

Consequently, theater is especially important for young children and young teens to learn about in school. If it wasn’t for my drama program at my school, I would’ve never had the chance to experience theater at such a young age. My drama teacher always made us fundraise during our performances and shows to raise money for us to see plays and different performances in Philadelphia. being able to experience theater and actually learn about it at a young age, allows kids to actually use all of their imagination and thoughts freely. a gallery that I used to love when I visited my grandparents in California was the red brick gallery. And I also watched a lot of their online channels.

The owner of red brick gallery said “It engages them through their imaginative articulation and empowers them to discharge their agony, to get away from the disturbances and anger that encompasses them, and to find the delight of being innovative and free. It causes them to re-construct their confidence and their pride”. Art and theater allows us to be unique and be whoever we want to be. Theater enables the mind to develop in various ways and enables children to get to know themselves and practice self-identity. Theater specifically causes an upgrade to children/ student’s capacity to work socially in gatherings, and through experiences that builds up their enthusiastic and intellectual processes of their own self. To be effective in this new modern world, you must be fit for working innovatively with things you’ve learned from the past but in addition making and communicating better approaches for seeing or understanding the world. Learning theater is perfect for setting you up for the universe of extraordinary things to come. 

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