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The show Game of Thrones is a medieval themed show with eight seasons. I will only be reviewing the first. The first season, as well as most of the other seasons, is based off the book, “A song of Ice and Fire” by George R. R. Martin. This book is written very well but was brought to life through the help of amazing cinematography, great casting choices and directing. The show is an action/drama that follows the events of noble families throughout their fiction lands.

What really sets this show apart from the rest, is the connection you build for the characters you follow. There are a few major families that the show follows throughout the season. The Starks are the first family you meet and a very likable one at that. You very soon meet the Lannister family, which is a little less likeable. While it is clear who is “Good” and who is “Bad”, the show has a unique way of developing the all characters. While the Starks might be your favorite and go head to head with another family, you still find yourself rooting for a member of their enemies. You find out very early that unlike most shows, the favorite characters, or the main characters are never safe and a lot of times throughout the show, they are taken away. This usually causes rage in the viewers, and in one case resulted in death threats to the writer of the book. I think this is very good writing and a very interesting way of keeping the viewers involved.

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The story follows different plots and events throughout the show. If you only watch the show for the action scenes, there is at least one in every episode. At first the show does introduce you to a lot of different characters and you may have a hard time keeping up, but the show is quick to point out who is who and what characters are really important.

Noah Berlatsky states “Maybe the series goes someplace more interesting eventually, but the pilot’s lack of imagination, and lack of faith, bodes ill for a fantasy tale.” (Berlatsky, 8) I do not think this is a very accurate statement nor do I think this is a very fair way to evaluate a TV show. The show did show some fiction such as zombie like creatures in the very first scene, dire wolves and a handful of deaths. Yes, there may be a lot of dialogue at times, but I believe character development and good acting in a good story is far more valuable than action all the time.

David Hinckley said, “Fans of the acclaimed Game of Thrones books, or even fans of fantasy realms in general, will find much to admire and enjoy here.” (Hinckley, 5) I agree with this statement because there is a lot to enjoy here. The show follows the books very closely and in some cases the show even quotes the book. I think there is a very even balance between action and drama. The show is rich with lore. George R. R. Martin essentially made a whole world with a deep history that in some cases is never even brought up. The show is filled with hidden symbolism that keeps you consistently trying to guess what will happen next.

Overall, I think this show is a must watch. I know a lot of people who stayed away from the show because dragons and castles weren’t their thing, but once you get started, you will want to binge watch. I think there is a little something for everyone in this show and there is always a cliff hanger that keeps you involved.

I would defiantly recommend trying out this show. Even if it may not be your usual genre, I think if you give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. The episodes are a little under an hour long and you really need to give it a few episodes to really get hooked. While watching, if you choose to watch, look deeper into the dialogue. I think almost every conversation is important. There is much more to the show than action and fantasy. If you can finish the whole first season, I think you’ll find yourself finishing the whole thing. If you’re anything like me, you’ll watch the whole series a few times over and even read the book. 

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