“Black Panther” is One of the Unique Movies

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“Black Panther” is one of the unique movies by MCU in 2018. The movie itself is a masterpiece, which includes things, that have not been accepted for ages and have not been showed as norms for audience. The main character of the film is a symbol of a superhero and his role underlines, that not all of the heroes in films should not necessarily be white and hence, there is a massive power in black world and in black people, which is isolated from the rest of the world in film.

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The film displays a highly advanced secret society of Africans in a fictional country named Wakanda. There are only black people living there and some particular parts show, that they are too far from the real world and Wakanda does not have any sort of connections to another countries. One of the things worth mentioning is that Wakanda has a great source of vibranium and it is smartly used in developing technology. In short, this country is non-colonised one with technically advanced, wealthiest nation on the planet.

The role of women is so important in film as well. Black women are fighting against the white man, they have an equal physical strength to men , sisterhood, and strong leadership skills as well. “Black Panther” is somehow a spotlight of black women , their diversity ,how different they can be. There is no competition between them, they just complete and make “Black Panther” overally .
We can also notice the absence of fathers’ in film. Both Killmonger and T’Challa have lost their fathers by the time the events of the film begin, but the circumstances in which they lose them are very different. T’Challa grows up entirely with his father’s guidance and affection. Though T’Chaka is killed prematurely, T’Challa is already an adult who is ready to take his father’s place. He even gets a chance to speak with his father in the Ancestral Plane . Killmonger , loses his father as a young child and is forced to grow up without his influence. A missing father is a common thing in cultural depictions of African American life, and occurs more often than people of other races in real life due to premature death or incarceration. .

As far as I am concerned, “Black Panther” is a great motivation for all of us. The film covers the topics of leadership, mental and physical strength, isolationism, but at the same time afrofuturism, which is so colorful, interesting and cultural. It can have a huge impact on society and it can break some stereotypes about the black people. The matter of impact is in struggling, fighting for a pride and power, and not giving up till the last breath. One of the significant scenes of the film related to this is when future kings of Wakanda accept the challenge of a battle and do their best to win and never lose it.

“Black Panther” designed by Ryan Coogler is full of great action scenes, terrific performances, . There are many colors properly used in particular scenes and they make them more visual and beautiful for eyes. Lighting in some scenes positively reacts to the act of the characters and more symbolizes their power and passion. Backlighting and sort of lightings in film are used to enhance the sense of freedom, discipline and culture’s heroism. Also the structures and the design of the buildings make whole the film so beautiful and spectacular. The movie also shows off a unique camera trick which is called the rotation shot. For example, the sky is on the bottom frame, or trees hang up top. When you turn a camera at an angle that is not parallel to the ground, you get interesting visuals to play with This brilliant camera technique is used by the director and cinematographer as a way to convey all of this story and emotion in one shot by just simply turning the camera upside down then right side up.
All in all, to sum up, the movie is a foundation of loyalty, celebration of black culture, it re-energizes, it brings a huge community together with no any negativity .It helps you to understand how important the culture and the history are and how important is to perceive where you are from and where you are going to.

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