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Updated: Mar 07, 2023
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My topic will be about the technology in the movie. Wakandians were very well aware about the type of technology they had and how it helped out its country a lot. Wakanda was pretty much getting powered by there special metal called vibranium. Vibranium was a very strong and rare metal that only Wakandians had. The world had thought that Wakanda was a third world country basically saying that they didn’t have much and they needed help with their economy.

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Wakanda was very smart because if they would’ve had their main city out in the public then everyone would’ve known about their whereabouts and how Vibranium is powering the country. They decided to add this shield over the country and block it out with trees so people don’t see the country.

In the movie I remember a part where T’challa was entering back into his country and it kinda looked like he was entering another dimension and it just showed me how much there technology was advanced compared to the outside world. T’Chakka king of Wakanda in the beginning of the film had killed his brother because he had helped an intruder steal some Vibranium so he can start spreading it throughout the world so the people know what Wakanda is made of and how powerful they are. I wouldn’t necessarily blame him because I do think that they should’ve at least told the world there powers and that they aren’t a third world country but instead more ahead then most countries in the world. This movie really started to have me question Wakanda because if they had these powers and technology for a long time then why weren’t they doing anything about Alavert and racism. It honestly made no sense to me but I remember thoroughly in the movie where King T’Challa told his cousin he is King of Wakanda not King of all people. That statement made sense and I can see where he’s coming from but at the same time you didn’t really necessarily have to show everyone what you guys are made of but send them some political leaders from your country and help out a little bit. Majority of the world knew about there being a strong metal but nobody would’ve guessed Africa only because of how it’s economy is and how much there in drought and need help.
Technology now and Wakandas technology are way different compared to each other because Wakandas technology is basically how our technology is supposed to be but because we are so behind it’ll take a while to reach to their level. I thought it was pretty cool on how they used their technology because If I remember correctly Agent Ross had gotten shot in the back and they had placed a bead on his back to kind of stop it from bleeding to much and preventing him from to much pain. When Agent Ross has woken up he was so surprised on how he woke up the next day with no bullet wound and that just showed the type of technology they had.

Agent Ross was very surprised on how he woke up with no bullet and Princess Shuree, King T’challa’s sister explained how well there technology is and he was just in shock at how they had magnetic trains and just overall the labs they had. Knowing the society we live in majority of the world would try and steal the Vibranium for their own goods and just try and cause more problems in the world . King T’challa’s cousin, Erik Killmonger had thought that Wakanda should share what they have and help the other worlds out with their economic situation by providing them with Vibranium. It is said that Wakanda has mountains full of Vibranium and it should be enough for the world and for Wakanda. I think that what he’s doing is not a bad idea but at the same time if Wakanda does hand over some Vibranium they might be making a mistake by giving it to other countries because it might fall into the hands of terrorists and it would just be even harder to stop these guys. In my opinion I think Wakanda keeping their Vibranium to themselves is a really good idea because there really no harm to other countries and we know it’s in good hands.

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