School Dress Codes

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Updated: Dec 18, 2020
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Two girls walk into school one day wearing the exact same shirt. One of the girls has bigger breasts than the other. Though both girls were wearing the exact same shirt, only the girl with the bigger breasts is dress coded. School dress codes can come with their helping qualities but, they can also come with their drawbacks. Both girls and boys should have the same rules in the school environment.

The dress codes found in almost every school are there for the protection of the students and the staff. Schools have the responsibility to enforce a safe and orderly learning environment. If the school dress code makes sure that waste bands are seen at all times, it would be harder for the school attendees to bring weapons in. The long list consisting of school shootings, stabbings, and even bombings, would have the opportunity to decrease because students can’t bring those things into the school with such an easy access. Sexual offences are also things that happen in schools that dress codes could help prevent. Sexual offences went down by 74% after enforcing a dress code. When schools enforced a dress code, the amount of sexual offences decreased by 74% keeping the students not only safer, but keeping them healthy at the same time.

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Academics are another reason that dress codes are enforced. They help students focus on academics and their school work. 68% of parents saw academic improvements in their children. After the parents children’s schools enforce a dress code, 68% of those parents saw an academic improvement in their child. Dress codes help prepare students for their future in the workforce. If schools make their students wear more formal clothes that would be worn in the workforce, they would be more ready for having to wear those clothes during work. The students and future workers, would have access to the clothes and would feel more comfortable when working because what they have to wear during work, is what they are used to wearing on a daily basis. The use of school dress codes help the students work better, and help prepare them for the near future.

School dress codes are more focused on the females. Boys can be easily distracted by girls body parts that are showing because of unreasonable clothes. Girls would normally be wearing crop tops and leggings to school on a daily basis. Boys could be distracted by the females stomach that is showing due to the cropped top but on the other hand, the boys might be distracted by the leggings because the females bum would be more defined and the undergarmine lines might show through the thin and tight fabric. Since the school dress codes are more focused on the females, they can be considered sexist. There is a rule known by the “fingertip rule” but it is completely unrealistic. All bodies are different so some girls might have longer arms and others might have short arms. When girls are told to put their arms straight down, if the fingertips pass the end of the pants, they are dress coded. Schools not only use our unique bodies against us but, they ban some of the only clothes we have easy access to. It is not easy for a female to find long shorts that would look good enough that they are willing to wear them to school. During middle school and high school, students are at their meanest and females would be putting a large target on their back by simply wearing shorts that are longer than their fingertips.

School dress codes can come with their positives and their negatives. Though they might be concidered sexest, we can compromise the codes to be more fair. The fact that the school dress codes can protect the schools, and can increase the schools academics, show us that our school dress codes are worth their while. The female with bigger breasts might be forced to change her clothes or might even be sent home due to her having bigger breasts. This is not how our schools students should be treated. We need to make a compromise to make our schools dress codes more fair and not targeting one sex over the other.

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